Paranormal Investigations in Australia and Overseas

Paranormal Investigations in Australia and Overseas

Our Paranormal investigations in Australia and overseas always excite us here at Haunted Horizons.  There is something about the thrill, and dare we say fear, of standing all alone in a huge, now-empty building with an extremely dark history!

Without a doubt, we do become very comfortable with our own venues and locations.  Over time there comes familiarity with our surroundings and with whatever may be lurking within.  We have a good knowledge of what we are possibly dealing with and how far it will go.  However, when we travel and conduct other paranormal investigations in Australia and overseas, it becomes a different story!  There is no comfort and familiarity.  We don’t know what we are dealing with and we don’t know how far it will go.  Suddenly we are reminded of why our guests find our locations so unnerving, we finally remember that fear!

Here at Haunted Horizons, we can confidently say that we have some of the MOST experienced guides/investigators in the country.  And you will too when booking on to our tours where we can share our wealth of knowledge with you.

Alison, Kag and Craig regularly conduct overseas & Australian investigations each year.  In fact Alison has investigated to date, over 120 locations both here and in the U.S.A. and U.K.  These include the Queen Mary, Waverly Hills and Bobby Mackey’s Music Hall just to name a few.  We are slowly going through our years of footage and starting to put it up, accompanied by a blog. We are eager to share our adventures with those who love the paranormal but may never get the opportunity to visit these places.


The following is a list of all our paranormal investigations in Australia and Overseas which we have conducted over the last 30 years.  As we catch up with videos and blogs, we will link each venue to these.  So check back from time to time and see what is new.  Even better, why not subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with anything that we are doing.

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Back to the list.  If you follow the locations with blue links you can read more about them and watch the videos of what we have had happen on our investigations.  

From our list below, you know you can be assured some of the most experienced guides and paranormal investigators in the country for your tour.  We live and breathe Haunted Locations!

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