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MULTI AWARD-WINNER, Hall Of Fame, in the SA Tourism Awards.
The original, and biggest provider of quality ghost tours and dark history tours in South Australia. 

Why Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours?

Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours is  a multi-award winning tour group owned and run by Adelaide author, lecturer, radio personality and longtime paranormal researcher, Alison Oborn, so you know you can be assured a very scary but fun night, where we proudly keep it all very REAL!

Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours: No gimmicks, no dress-ups, and no dramatics… just personal experiences and real-life ghostly encounters. Our guests are always left without a doubt… if anything happens… it definitely isn’t us!

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Ghost Tours

The following are a selection of our multi-award-winning ghost tours here in S.A. Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours have exclusive access to some of the best known and most haunted locations in South Australia, including the Adelaide Gaol, Z Ward Asylum, National Railway Museum, Old Tailem Town and the Adelaide Arcade.

Our Ghost Tours are 2hr conducted walking tours through your chosen venue.  It is where, after the lights go out and your surroundings become dark, we introduce you to the intriguing history and chilling but true stories of paranormal happenings from these unique and often challenging locations.

Our Current Ghost Tours

Ghost Hunts

Here are our selection of our Ghost Hunts/Paranormal Investigations right here in South Australia, researched and run by Adelaide Haunted Horizons. We have plenty to choose from with ghost hunts held in some of the States most haunted locations such as the Adelaide Gaol, Z Ward and the National Railway Museum to name a few.

On our Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Hunts, you have a choice of a 4hr combined Ghost Tour/Ghost Hunt, where half of this investigation includes the conducted Ghost Tour or, for the more dedicated, we have a 3hr Paranormal Investigation only.  This one is perfect for those who have done the tours before and no longer wish to hear the stories.

Tailem Town Ghost Tour

Our Current Ghost Hunts

Dark History Tours

Choose a Dark History Crime Tour, from our list of intriguing, chilling and often sobering Dark History Tours. Let Adelaide Haunted Horizons put the face to these locations and bring history screaming back to life.

Browse our tours below for more information and for bookings.

Murder, mystery and tragedy, Adelaide had it all. Don’t let anybody ever tell you again that history was boring!

Our Current Dark History Tours

Our Locations

Adelaide Haunted Horizons conduct a variety of tours and investigations in some of the most haunted places in South Australia.  These locations have worked closely with us to give you an exclusive insight into these amazing and extremely creepy venues.

You can browse our offers by location below! Many locations have more than one type of tour.  Learn what the locations are about, why they would be haunted and what they have on offer.

Z Ward Asylum

Old Tailem Town

Old Adelaide Gaol

National Railway Museum

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Arcade