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Who we are - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Who we are Alison Oborn – Founder/Owner of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours™

Who we are: “The spookiest, the scariest and the most ‘real’ experience you’re likely to have in South Australia!”

This is the proud claim that Alison Oborn, South Australian author, radio personality, paranormal researcher and tour operator makes about her dream and her passion, Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours, a tour business that takes you to some of the most haunted locations in S.A.

Born into a haunted house, her life was full of questions and in 1988 she decided to find answers to those questions by researching the paranormal.  Setting up her team, Paranormal Field Investigators, Alison quickly became one of the head researchers at the Adelaide Gaol which led to the writing of her book “Ghosts of the Past” which showcases 10 years of ghostly experiences there.

After years of researching and tour guiding experience, she combined her passion for history and her fascination for the paranormal and bravely set up her own business, Haunted Horizons.  H.H. quickly became the largest provider of ghost tours and dark history/crime tours in South Australia, even winning and in the State Tourism Awards three successive years and achieving ‘Hall of Fame’.

Alison also teamed up with Brad Aldridge and Liz McCaskill to co-host on their Radio FIVEaa show, the Twilight Hour. She has made many more media appearances including ABC’s ‘Conversations with Richard Fidler’ (the only paranormal investigator to be featured on this show), Stateline, Today/Tonight, Channel 9 news among many others.

Haunted Horizons operate in several different venues including the Adelaide Gaol, Z Ward, Old Tailem Town, and the National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide.  Haunted Horizons reputation has grown and was recently made the official ghost tour operator of Adelaide Zoo. 

The Adelaide Haunted Horizons guides

Our guides are carefully chosen, not only for their ability to relate experiences in an engaging manner but most of all for their sense of fun and their ability to not take themselves or the boss too seriously.  After all, no ghost tour can ever promise you a ghost every time, but we can promise you an enjoyable and very spooky night with these guys.

Having plenty of experience in paranormal research, their knowledge certainly makes the night a little more special, especially on our ghost hunts.  Not only have they researched the paranormal for many years, but they have a passion in sharing this knowledge with you.  Their experience with paranormal research is unrivalled, especially as they are in these locations, investigating several times a week.

Our guides pride themselves in making you a part of the experience of what Haunted Horizons is all about.

Michael, Alison’s husband, is the tech man for Haunted Horizons.  It’s his role to recharge and test all equipment before a tour, not a quick or easy job I can tell you!  He has many other roles too, such as Catering Manager, driver, information collator and more.  He is a calm, easy going, very funny, sits on the fence sort of guy.
Craig is Alison’s right-hand man and business adviser.  He joined Haunted Horizons with a deep interest in the subject of the paranormal, but also as a complete sceptic and, even though he has had some very unusual activity over the years, he remains a sceptic (or so he says).  He’s very skilled in the art of tour guiding and has a wealth of knowledge, along with an awesome sense of humour.  Craig is everyone’s favourite and now has quite a following of fans #welovecraig.
Kag is Alison’s left-hand woman and PA.  She was originally a guest but turned up that often for a ghost hunt, Alison eventually employed her!  Having been interested in the Paranormal for years, Kag now relishes her role at Haunted Horizons.  Whether she is helping in the office, doing research, taking tours or just complaining (which she does really well), she does it wholeheartedly.
Peter is the official Haunted Horizons selfie stick (due to his height and length of arms).  He enjoys guiding the tours and is passionate about the paranormal.  With a big smile on his face and a sense of humour to go with it, Peter is lots of fun and his passion for the Adelaide Gaol is unrivalled.

Adelaide Haunted Horizons tours

Do you want a scary but fun night, one that keeps it all very real? Then Haunted Horizons tours are definitely for you! 

The aim of Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours is to give a scary but enjoyable night for both our guests and our tour guides.

It was decided to throw away the usual formula that ghost tours seem to adopt.  No tacky effects, no overacting and no dressing up… our motto remains… ‘keep it real’. After all, we want to know it is really happening too!  We have found, that our guests love and embrace this honesty in our approach.

Do you want to try ‘ghost hunting’ but can’t find a team or can’t afford the equipment?  Then again, Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours are for you, especially our ghost hunts.  We decided that ghost hunting, in some of our most haunted venues in S.A., should not just be limited to paranormal teams.  Why should the public miss out? So now we have levelled the playing field and ghost hunting/paranormal investigation is available to all.

We have the equipment, we have the spooky locations, we have the experienced guides… now you can discover for yourself, just what it is like to be out there in those haunted houses and locations, searching for ghosts!

But wait… you don’t believe in ghosts?  You prefer history?  Well, Haunted Horizons can be for you too!  We run several dark history or Murder & Madness tours in different locations.  Be sure to check them out too!