Dark History Tours


Dark History Tours – choose from our list of intriguing, interesting, and chilling Tours around Adelaide and South Australia.

These tours are conducted walking tours around a chosen venue, learning about the history, the tragedy and mystery that lie within.  Join us as we put the faces to these buildings and bring history screaming back to life!

Browse our tours below for more information and for bookings. Don’t let anybody ever tell you again that history is boring!

Z Ward Asylum Murder & Madness and Z Ward Ghost Tour

Z Ward Asylum Dark History

Cost: $39
Duration: 2 Hours
Just how are the Adelaide Gaol and the ‘criminally insane’ Z Ward in Glenside linked?  Help us explore this connection and learn of some of the patients who found themselves incarcerated in what was then known as Parkside Lunatic Asylum – including those that committed the most despicable crime of all… murder!
Adelaide Gaol Dark History Tour

Old Adelaide Gaol Dark History

Cost: $39
Duration: 2 Hours
Help us trace the footsteps of a number of inmates who made that fateful journey to the gallows. The Adelaide Gaol witnessed 45 executions during its history and some of her inmates had rather unusual stories to tell. For those who suffered the extreme penalty of the law … let us share their stories
Adelaide Zoo after Dark - Haunted Horizons Ghosts

Adelaide Zoo After Dark

Cost: $55
Duration: 2 Hours
A day at Adelaide Zoo is thrilling enough but what about after dark? The noises, the stories and the mysteries will come to life in the first-ever tour of its kind – Adelaide Zoo After Dark.