Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – do you have a question about Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours?  Then look for the answer here!

Frequently asked questions can be found below.  If you can not find one that satisfies yours, then please contact us so we can give you the answer and add to this list.

Who is behind Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours™ (H.H.)

Who is behind Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons?  Alison Oborn owns and runs H.H.  Alison has been seriously investigating the paranormal since 1989 (or over ¼ of a century as her teammates kindly like to point out!).  Over the years, she has become well respected as an author (Ghosts of the Past), lecturer, paranormal investigator and now in the tourism industry, as a tour operator. This respect meant that she became the only paranormal investigator ever, to be interviewed on the ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler and also to be interviewed as a guest on an American TV show Ghosts R NEAR.   Alison also joined FIVEaa Radio, to co-host on the Twilight Hour with Liz McCaskill and Brad Aldridge.

Although having appeared on TV many times, Alison makes it clear that she is not a ‘TV Investigator’, and has in fact turned down opportunities for this.  Instead, she has continued to seriously research the subject for well over half of her lifetime, if not all of it.

Now she wants to share that wealth of experience with you!

Alison can occasionally be found taking these tours and is available for questions or book signings.  Alison is also available for any other lectures or interviews.

For more on us please got to About Us

Do we enter haunted buildings?

A point of difference with our ‘ghost tours’ to other tours, is that we don’t just stand around and tell you a few stories, we allow you to experience them yourself and hopefully go home with a story of your own.    

Haunted Horizons has been granted exclusive access to some of South Australia’s most haunted, historical icons of our State, including the Adelaide Arcade.  At these venues, you can either do a 2hr Ghost Tour or arm yourself with all that equipment you have seen on the shows, before setting off to discover for yourself if ghosts are real.  

These are more than just a tour, they are an experience (although we can’t always promise it will be one of a ghostly kind!).

Our range of  ‘Dark History Tours’ tours relates history in a fun and very different way.  Our Murder & Madness and Darkside tours are conducted in the Adelaide Gaol and Z Ward.

Will we see a ghost?

Sadly we cannot promise you this every time you come on our tours… although it would make our job so much easier!  It is not like the TV shows which need something to happen every time for ratings. In reality, the paranormal does not happen every time you walk into a haunted location, instead, it is very random.

If it happened every time, it would not be termed ‘paranormal’ or ‘supernatural’, instead, it would be ‘normal’ and ‘natural’.

It also does not perform like a circus animal on command! 

This is the risk of ‘Keeping it Real’… but we refuse to put anything on, for you to think you have had an experience.

Do you take private groups?

Yes, we do.  We have taken everything from Charity Groups, Hens Nights through to Corporate, as our ghost tours and ghost hunts help with team bonding.

For Corporate we can offer a spot of Ghost Hunting in one of our dark and creepy locations, including the Adelaide Gaol, Tailem Town, Z Ward or the National Railway Museum.

Maybe, you just want to take a group of employees for a night out and would like to include a short tour in which case we can cater for these too with a 2hr Ghost, Dark History or Murder & Madness tour.

To keep any tour private, maximum numbers would be needed or we reserve the right to add the public.

How many do I need to come on a ghost tour?

If you come on our public advertised nights, you can come alone or with up to 20 people.

Do you only do tours on advertised nights?

No, we can organise tours on other nights on request.  We would need a minimum amount of people to do these away from public nights and reserve the right to add others if full numbers aren’t reached.

How many do I need to make it private?

If on a Thurs/Fri/Sat we would need a full complement of 20 for our ghost tours, 15 for our Ghost Hunts and 15 for our Dark History Tours as these are our busy nights, otherwise, we reserve the right to add the public.

On nights away from Fri/Sat we can relax this to fewer in number for certain venues.

Do you do charity work?

We are very community-minded and like to help where we can.  

We are proud supporters of beyondblue and are raising money for the CFS Foundation.

Unlike others, we do not ask you to donate – we choose to donate from our own profits that come from ghost tours, ghost hunts, or special events.

Do you provide transport?

No, we don’t. We rely on guests to make their own way to our venues.

Do you allow alcohol on your tours?

No alcohol or illegal substances will be allowed on any of our tours or venues.  

Neither Haunted Horizons nor our venues have liquor licenses, therefore to allow drinking and the consumption of alcohol would be breaching laws.  

We are also working in darkened areas with uneven surfaces so the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs would constitute a safety hazard.  

Those who arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry for safety reasons and no refund will be given.  Those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are ruining the tour for other guests will be asked to leave and no refund given.

Are children allowed on your ghost tours?

We state our tours are 18+ for most of our tours.  Dark History Tours are 15+ because of the content. 

The reason for this is that we keep our tours very real.  These are not your ‘ghost train’ type tours for entertainment or thrills.  We often do have activity and on occasion, it can be very challenging even for adults, as can the subject matter.

It is for this reason that we have set an age limit and even then it is on the parents understanding that these tours can get very real sometimes. Any person under 18 should be accompanied by a supervising adult.  

Please enquire about our occasional Young Adult ghost tours.  These are designed for a younger audience.

We do NOT relax the age limit for the Ghost Tours or our Ghost Hunts unless it is privately booked, so please do not ask us.

Will you be discounting your tours on voucher sites?

People ask all the time “we have seen other ghost tours on Scoopon, Living Social etc… will you be doing this?”

We never discount our ghost tours or ghost hunts on these voucher sites.  We don’t need to.  Our tours speak for themselves by being popular and booked out most of the time.

We believe in giving you a quality experience in the most exciting venues we can find. To achieve this for you, it costs money with venue costs, wages for the best guides we can find, insurance etc.  Although we strive to keep our prices as low as we can, we would prefer to bring you a quality, professionally run tour and not a budget tour.

We believe our guests appreciate this more.

Will our ghost tour be cancelled?

We run these tours throughout the year and will only be cancelled if there is a sickness with a guide, numbers aren’t reached, or some other unforeseen circumstance.

With the weather, we will go ahead with the tour unless there is a severe weather warning and it would be too risky or dangerous to travel or be out in the open.  If it is simply raining then we will go ahead. After all, it is what brollies were invented for!

These are just some of the questions we are asked.  If you have any further questions you would like answered… feel free to email me and I will add them to this list.