Ghost Tours


Ghost Tours in Adelaide and South Australia – the following are a selection of our multi-award-winning ghost tours, in S.A.  Our tours are exclusive to some of the best known and most haunted locations in South Australia, including the Adelaide Gaol, Z Ward Asylum, National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide and the Adelaide Arcade.

Our Ghost Tours are famous for our honesty with our motto proudly being “Keeping it Real!”.  We use no made-up stories, no theatrics and no cheap jump scares.  Any experiences are real and therefore a lot more terrifying!

These tours are 2hr conducted walking tours around your chosen venue, learning some history, hearing of past ghostly happenings while looking for a paranormal experience yourself (we refrain from calling you bait).  Will you end up going home with a ghost story of your own?  Many have before!

Browse below, book, and enjoy. We look forward to seeing you on one of our chilling Ghost Tours.

Adelaide Zoo Ghost Tours

Adelaide Zoo Ghost Tour

Cost: $55
Duration: 2hrs
Adelaide Zoo Ghost Tours are a unique experience in a Haunted Metropolitan Zoo… after dark! Will you take home a ghost story of your own?
Z Ward Ghost Hunt and Z Ward Ghost Tour

Z Ward Asylum Ghost Tour

Cost: $48
Duration: 2 Hours
The ‘Criminal Insane’ Ward of Parkside Lunatic Asylum – one of our more disturbing and terrifying tours! Make sure your nerves are strong enough for this one!
Old Tailem Town Ghost Hunt and Tailem Town Ghost Tour

Old Tailem Town Ghost Tour

Cost: $48
Duration: 2 Hours
The scariest tour in what is by far the most haunted town in South Australia… Learn of chilling happenings in some of the 115 buildings!
National Railway Museum Ghost Hunt and Ghost Tour

National Railway Museum Ghost Tour

Cost: $48
Duration: 2 Hours
Welcome to the scariest and most haunted location in Port Adelaide! With reports of objects moving, shadowy figures and 21 tragic deaths, it makes this venue extremely challenging at times! Visit the working part of the old Port Dock Railway Station.
Adelaide Arcade Ghost Tour - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Adelaide Arcade Ghost Tour

Cost: $48
Duration: 2 Hours
Take a ghost tour of Australia’s oldest and most haunted arcade. Bath in her history and learn of past residents, still there today! Take an exclusive visit under the arcade into the blackness of the creepy and very haunted tearoom!
Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Old Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour

Cost: $48
Duration: 2 Hours
Haunted Horizons were the official investigators of the Adelaide Gaol so no other tour operator there knows the chilling goings-on at the Gaol quite like we do – after all, we literally wrote the book on it!