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An Injustice of the worst kind!

(Please note, I have written this Schneider’s Alley blog slightly different to the others I have done.  I really want the information to stand out and be easy to read.  I don’t think that one story has angered me more than this one has.  Read on and you will understand why).

Since joining Haunted Horizons many moons ago, a number of people have asked me if I have ever investigated Schneider’s Alley in Adelaide.  Some say it is highly active paranormally wise, others say it isn’t.  I have to admit, I had never heard of this place, not being a local.

Firstly, I asked Alison Oborn, the owner of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, if she had come across Schneider’s Alley.  After all after over 30 years of paranormal research, surely she would know of it.  I wanted to know if there was any truth in the rumours of it’s supposed hauntings, and her reply left me feeling uneasy.  Alison had not only researched the story but had spoken to the devastated family and was personally affected by what she had found and encouraged me to put the truth out there.

So, I decided to do my own research on Schneider’s Alley.  I know a lot of people would rather go and just experience things for themselves, but I wanted to know why that area is supposedly haunted and why and how it got the name Schneider’s Alley.  The main thing I have learnt whilst working alongside Alison and the team, is that not every old or derelict building is haunted, not every noise heard or movement seen is paranormal,  and not every story you hear about ghosts and hauntings is true!  I always say, find out for yourself and don’t just take somebody’s word for it.

My quest was to find out who or what was Schneider and what happened in and around this area for it to be, reputedly, so active that it’s listed as one of the most haunted areas in Adelaide!

Research on the Internet

What I found was eerie, fascinating and if true, would be totally understandable if this area was haunted as reported:

  • Michael Schneider was a doctor who lived in Clifton Manor House in the early 1900s.
  • He lived there with his wife and children.
  • Dr Schneider went mad after his wife and child died.  Not only that but he also possibly murdered them!
  • He operated on patients in a hut in the garden.  He experimented on them too, without anaesthetic and the screams could be heard around the area.
  • Dr Schneider tortured children.
  • He carried out satanic rituals.
  • And the list goes on ….

My first thoughts were, if all of the above is true, then why isn’t there a book written about him or a film made?  Surely, if true, he would have to rank as one of the most gruesome and fascinating people in Adelaide!

Clifton Manor

Now for the real research of Schneider’s Alley

I wanted to look for the truth to see if I could validate any of these stories.  It was so hard to find information about Dr Schneider that wasn’t connected with the alleyway and supposed hauntings.  The only way of finding anything concrete was to go deeper than just the Urban Legends online and this is what I found.

Here is the truth:

Schneider’s Alley is actually called Andrew’s Walk.

Michael Schneider was a well-liked and highly respected ophthalmologist (eye doctor) who, in 1937, was given the title of Honorary Ophthalmologist at the Adelaide Hospital.  I Googled what Honorary meant at a hospital and I will quote below what I found.

‘Hospital practice A medical staff status accorded to a practitioner who is retired from active service to the hospital, or who has made noteworthy contributions to the hospital, or who, by reason of outstanding reputation or achievement, is otherwise honoured.

He did live in Clifton Manor, Stoneyfell, Burnside in 1934 with his beloved wife and children.

In the grounds of their beautiful home, they had a safe, enclosed private zoo with kangaroos, koalas, emus, deer, birds etc.   All of these animals were very well looked after and admired by all.

The family opened this garden and zoo to the public whilst raising money for different charities on numerous, numerous occasions.  They also hosted fetes, garden parties, parish balls and Christmas Eve parties.  The Schneider’s were very generous benefactors.

Dr Schneider was passionate about the land and wildlife, being a keen nature lover and botanist.  He joined the SA Forest League in 1937 with the aim of saving natural forests from deterioration and encouraged more growth.

Doctor Schneider passed away in 1970, a few years before his wife!  He did, unfortunately, lose two of his children before his death, but they were adults at the time, not children.

There are no records of murders, unusual deaths or anything else strange or unusual associated with Doctor Michael Schneider, the property or the surrounding area.

How this has affected the local area

Things got so bad for the local residents near Andrew’s Walk and Michael Perry Reserve (formally part of the Clifton Manor property) with thrillseekers and people trying to investigate the area, that in 2012 the Council decided to put a restriction on the time it would be open to the general public.  If you are found between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. you could face a $5,000 fine if you don’t have a permit!

This isn’t the only story I have heard like this within the paranormal world.  It is like most urban legends, a story begins and is then added to throughout the years, to the point where no one actually knows the real truth anymore.  Research is essential, the truth is essential and the reputation of the innocent is essential.

Dr Michael Schneider has been falsely accused of horrendous crimes.  He has been found guilty by a kangaroo court of ‘thrillseekers’ and now his memory and family name is tarnished.   The family is devastated. We have all heard of the saying “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.  But what if that untruth was about your family member!  What if that untruth seriously ruined the reputation of a good and special person that you know!  What if that untruth filtered through the family for generations!  Would you think differently then?







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  • Thank you , a very interesting story
    I live next to Andrew’s Walk ( 6 Kurrajong avenue) and always have believe that’s something is odd about this stories .
    Happy to be sure now


  • Wow all I had heard was that the alley was haunted and had heard stories of invisible dogs barking and disembodied voices and such.I was even planning to do an investigation there soon but now I think I’d be wasting my time.Thank you for enlightening me so I can pass the truth on


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