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Gungellan Hotel – is it Haunted?

Gungellan Hotel – is it Haunted?


Gungellan Hotel, Freeling – Ghosts & Hauntings!
By Alison Oborn




The Gungellan Hotel, as it is now known, was originally the Railway Hotel and is still registered under this name.  It sits in the country town of Freeling, North of Adelaide.  This small town was founded in 1860 as a stopping place for the Gawler-Kapunda railway.  In 1867, The Railway Hotel was the 2nd pub to be built in the town and has been operating ever since.

It was In 2001, that the Railway Hotel became famous when it was chosen to feature in Channel 9’s successful T.V. series, ‘McLeod’s Daughters’. It was when they moved in to film this very popular show that the Railway Hotel changed to the Gungellan Watering Hole, and NOT Drovers Run, which I called it on our live stream investigation.  What can I say… I never watched McLeod’s Daughters, but still haven’t been able to live that down with the fans!


Gungellan Hotel - McLeods Daughters


There have long been reports of ghostly goings-on in the Gungellan Hotel.  The present owner, Helen Hatch, told of her own personal experiences there, including witnessing a shadowy figure by the jukebox and having things thrown or moved.  The two most memorable incidents for her, were when the pokies started up on their own despite not being used and the day a can of beer rolled from the fridge and ended up at her feet.  It was as if whoever it was wanted her to open it for them.  Helen also went on to tell us that it was believed a Stockman has been experienced at the bar, which is believed to be the spirit of a man who was killed by a train at the nearby station.  I have since found the report of a man who couldn’t pull his horse up quick enough and a passing train hit the horse and cart.  The man was taken to the Gungellan Hotel, where he passed away a short time later.  The ‘stockman’ may also relate to another death when a customer died suddenly at the back of the hotel from a massive heart attack back in the 1800s.

We found out later, that the Gungellan Hotel dining area sits in an area that was once used as a doctors surgery.

Interestingly, none of these historical characters, except possibly one came through to confirm they were still there.  Instead, we were taken by surprise by what was to become one of the most uplifting investigations we have ever done.


Gungellan Hotel Bar



We were invited to go and investigate the Gungellan Hotel by one of our Patreon subscribers, and our friend Ash McInnes, who had kindly arranged this with the owner of the Gungellan Hotel. This was to be our very first ‘Haunted Horizons on the Road’.  This is a project designed to showcase other haunted tourism businesses by live streaming paranormal investigations from them, in an attempt to help at a time where tourism is struggling. For this reason, we were extremely excited.

After having our meal there (highly recommended) and doing a quick look around, we settled in for the investigation.  As always we enter these places with no preconceived ideas or knowledge of the location.  We are told a rough history and a few experiences, but we try not to know too much information so it can be verified or not by people with the knowledge.  On this occasion, all we knew was a short history of the pub, the fact that this pub WASN’T called Drovers Run, and that tragically a couple of the Hotel’s regulars had passed away.  However, we were convinced that if we were to get anything, it would be to do with the the ‘Stockman’ seen at the bar… historical links.  It wasn’t far into the investigation before we realised this was not going to be, it was about to travel in a direction and totally out of our control.

Gungellan Hotel Paranormal InvestigationIt started early in the evening as we finished setting up.  Suddenly the familiar music of a pokie machine playing echoed through the hotel.  Rushing over to the small pokie room, consisting of approx 5 machines, we found it still shut off.  As we ran past Helen who was still sitting on the floor, warming herself next to the open fire, she casually called out to us “That’s Macka”. We checked the machines but they were either switched off or had no credits except one.  When we punched the buttons, none of them moved or rang out and we were told the machines hadn’t been played in quite some time… except seemingly by ghostly hands every now and again.  Macka, one of the regulars who passed away, had a favourite machine and this still played when nobody was there.  Was he still doing this to let Helen know he was still around?

an E.V.P. session (voices on recordings you don’t hear at the time until played back) did not reveal too much except for the clear sound of glass chinking, similar to the sound two glasses would make when toasting.  None of us had a drink with us, especially in a glass.

We then brought out the Poltercom which is a just another form of the spirit box but with an intelligently controlled motorised sweep.  We have never had great results from this, so rarely carry it with us.  This night was going to cause us to question these original thoughts.

At first, it appeared that a child was coming through as several times we heard “mummy’ clearly come through the static.  Upon asking the age, it came out with Eight.  We asked Helen if she had any knowledge of a young child dying in the Gungellan Hotel.  She shook her head and said she hadn’t.  After the investigation Ash did some more digging in the history and found that indeed a child had died in the area we were sitting.  An eight-year-old girl had been brought to the doctor and her parents were on their way back from Gawler with medication.  Sadly they did not reach their child in time, and by the time they arrived, she had already tragically passed away.  Is the child still there and looking for her mother?  We were never able to get to the bottom of this one, as communication rapidly changed direction.

The voices coming out of the Poltercom changed, and suddenly a deep man’s voice started to speak.  The name “Ian” came out several times.  It meant nothing to us and we ignored this at first until Helen spoke up and informed us that Ian was Macka’s real name.  It wasn’t long before his nickname ‘Macka’ came out too.  Helen showed us the drawing of Macka on the wall and told us how he had been an extra in McLeod’s Daughters throughout the series, so he was a big part of the Gungellan Hotel.  They even have a section of the wall as a tribute to him.

The second live stream session was for our subscribers and for this we moved to the bar.  For this session, we did an Estes experiment.  The argument against using a spirit/ghost box is that we know the questions being asked so are automatically biased to what we are hearing and expecting.  For this experiment, we put an investigator on headphones to call out what they are hearing without being able to hear those questions.  This takes away any bias to what the caller is hearing.

Gungellan Hotel Ghost Hunting - Estes Experiment

We put Craig on the headphones and started asking questions.  As we did, something was thrown behind the bar.  On checking, Helen found the only thing out of place was a crumpled up menu lying on the floor which had not been there previously.  Interestingly, Craig only called out three words at the time “Ian”, “Ian”, and “rubbish”.  Interesting as he had not been aware of what had been thrown behind him.

The experiment went on to reveal a lot more relevant responses to the questions asked.  The highlights of this investigation can be found on the video linked at the beginning of this blog, so don’t forget to give it a watch.  Remember though, the footage is taken from a live stream investigation, so obviously not broadcast quality but intriguing nonetheless.  From the responses we got, whoever is there is happy to be there.

It is never comfortable when you get a response related to a recent tragedy.  This is always the problem with doing investigations live to the public, as we are all in the moment, with no control over what direction it will take if any.  Once it did go in this unexpected direction, we were obviously concerned that direct family members may have been watching and the last thing we wanted was to cause them any distress.  Family members were watching, they have now contacted us.  They were happy that Macka made contact and we have now handed over the complete audio of that session.  Helen also benefited, as she was afraid of what was there, never understanding the strange events that were happening.  She now is a lot more at peace and chats to them constantly, as if they are still with her.

Maybe, just maybe things go in a certain direction for a reason.  Either way, it seemed to bring comfort to all around and we managed to showcase what has become one of our favourite haunted tourism locations.


Gungellan Hotel Ghosts

A little addition to this story.  The media wanted to do a story with us and the Gungellan Hotel, to cover this new tourism project.  No sooner did I walk in the door, the pokies went off.  Strange as they hadn’t gone off since our investigation and had also been serviced since my last visit.  It was almost as somebody was giving recognition as I walked in.  The photographer also became edgy, as she began to have problems with her equipment and camera.  She confessed that this had never happened before.


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Written By Alison Oborn
Owner Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons
Paranormal Researcher, tour guide, author and radio host
All articles are the personal opinion of the author only and do not always reflect the views of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons.

© Alison Oborn – Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons – 2020






An Injustice of the worst kind!

(Please note, I have written this Schneider’s Alley blog slightly different to the others I have done.  I really want the information to stand out and be easy to read.  I don’t think that one story has angered me more than this one has.  Read on and you will understand why).

Since joining Haunted Horizons many moons ago, a number of people have asked me if I have ever investigated Schneider’s Alley in Adelaide.  Some say it is highly active paranormally wise, others say it isn’t.  I have to admit, I had never heard of this place, not being a local.

Firstly, I asked Alison Oborn, the owner of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, if she had come across Schneider’s Alley.  After all after over 30 years of paranormal research, surely she would know of it.  I wanted to know if there was any truth in the rumours of it’s supposed hauntings, and her reply left me feeling uneasy.  Alison had not only researched the story but had spoken to the devastated family and was personally affected by what she had found and encouraged me to put the truth out there.

So, I decided to do my own research on Schneider’s Alley.  I know a lot of people would rather go and just experience things for themselves, but I wanted to know why that area is supposedly haunted and why and how it got the name Schneider’s Alley.  The main thing I have learnt whilst working alongside Alison and the team, is that not every old or derelict building is haunted, not every noise heard or movement seen is paranormal,  and not every story you hear about ghosts and hauntings is true!  I always say, find out for yourself and don’t just take somebody’s word for it.

My quest was to find out who or what was Schneider and what happened in and around this area for it to be, reputedly, so active that it’s listed as one of the most haunted areas in Adelaide!

Research on the Internet

What I found was eerie, fascinating and if true, would be totally understandable if this area was haunted as reported:

  • Michael Schneider was a doctor who lived in Clifton Manor House in the early 1900s.
  • He lived there with his wife and children.
  • Dr Schneider went mad after his wife and child died.  Not only that but he also possibly murdered them!
  • He operated on patients in a hut in the garden.  He experimented on them too, without anaesthetic and the screams could be heard around the area.
  • Dr Schneider tortured children.
  • He carried out satanic rituals.
  • And the list goes on ….

My first thoughts were, if all of the above is true, then why isn’t there a book written about him or film made?  Surely, if true, he would have to rank as one of the most gruesome and fascinating people in Adelaide!

Clifton Manor

Now for the real research of Schneider’s Alley

I wanted to look for the truth to see if I could validate any of these stories.  It was so hard to find information about Dr Schneider that wasn’t connected with the alleyway and supposed hauntings.  The only way of finding anything concrete was to go deeper than just the Urban Legends online and this is what I found.

Here is the truth:

Schneider’s Alley is actually called Andrew’s Walk.

Michael Schneider was a well-liked and highly respected ophthalmologist (eye doctor) who, in 1937, was given the title of Honorary Ophthalmologist at the Adelaide Hospital.  I Googled what Honorary meant at a hospital and I will quote below what I found.

‘Hospital practice A medical staff status accorded to a practitioner who is retired from active service to the hospital, or who has made noteworthy contributions to the hospital, or who, by reason of outstanding reputation or achievement, is otherwise honoured.

He did live in Clifton Manor, Stoneyfell, Burnside in 1934 with his beloved wife and children.

In the grounds of their beautiful home, they had a safe, enclosed private zoo with kangaroos, koalas, emus, deer, birds etc.   All of these animals were very well looked after and admired by all.

The family opened this garden and zoo to the public whilst raising money for different charities on numerous, numerous occasions.  They also hosted fetes, garden parties, parish balls and Christmas Eve parties.  The Schneider’s were very generous benefactors.

Dr Schneider was passionate about the land and wildlife, being a keen nature lover and botanist.  He joined the SA Forest League in 1937 with the aim of saving natural forests from deterioration and encouraged more growth.

Doctor Schneider passed away in 1970, a few years before his wife!  He did, unfortunately, loose two of his children before his death, but they were adults at the time, not children.

There are no records of murders, unusual deaths or anything else strange or unusual associated with Doctor Michael Schneider, the property or surrounding area.

How this has affected the local area

Things got so bad for the local residents near Andrew’s Walk and Michael Perry Reserve (formally part of the Clifton Manor property) with thrillseekers and people trying to investigate the area, that in 2012 the Council decided to put a restriction on the time it would be open to the general public.  If you are found between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. you could face a $5,000 fine if you don’t have a permit!

This isn’t the only story I have heard like this within the paranormal world.  It is like most urban legends, a story begins and then added to throughout the years, to the point where no-one actually knows the real truth anymore.  Research is essential, the truth is essential and the reputation of the innocent is essential.

Dr Michael Schneider has been falsely accused of horrendous crimes.  He has been found guilty by a kangaroo court of ‘thrillseekers’ and now his memory and family name are tarnished.   The family is devastated. We have all heard of the saying ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’.  But what if that untruth was about your family member!  What if that untruth seriously ruined the reputation of a good and special person that you know!  What if that untruth filtered through the family for generations!  Would you think differently then?




Written By Kag Allwood
Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons
Paranormal Researcher, Tour Guide and Blogger for H.H.
All articles are the personal opinion of the author only and do not always reflect the views of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons.

Kag Allwood - Blogger Haunted Horizons

© Kag Allwood – Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons – 2020






Jedburgh Castle Jail – Ghosts & Hauntings!
By Alison Oborn

History of Jedburgh Castle Jail

Jedburgh Castle Jail is a title that is a little misleading as this facility was never a true castle.  So just how did this Georgian prison get the term ‘castle’ in its name?

Jedburgh Castle Jail was built in 1823, purposely resembling a castle to pay tribute to the medieval castle “Iedd-brugh’ that once stood on that same spot.  The 12th Century Scottish castle was originally built by David I as a Royal Castle.  In fact, his grandson and successor, Malcolm IV died there in 1165.  It changed hands numerous times between the Scottish and the English.  When William I was captured by the English, to secure his release the Scots agreed to hand over five of their castles to the English, including Jedburgh.  It was only 15 years later though that Richard the Lionheart returned them for money.  And so it was that Jedburgh Castle ownership went back and forth.

Alexander III, who became King of the Scots in 1249, married at this castle and was said to have been visited by a ghostly apparition who foretold his death.  This apparition was said to have appeared many times, always with similar warnings.  In 1246 it once again came under English rule and stayed that way until 1409 when the Scots finally managed to retake it, and tiring of the English decided to demolish it once and for all so the English couldn’t use it as a fortification against them ever again.

It didn’t work, Castle or not, the English continued to raid and seize Jedburgh.

The site was later used for executions and became the site of Jedburgh’s gallows and the name Gallows Hill still remains.

Finally, in 1823 what little remained of the old castle was removed and the Jedburgh Castle Jail was built in its place.  It was built as a Howard Reform Prison.  In 1773 John Howard had been made High Sherriff of Bedfordshire and took it upon himself to visit prisons.  He was appalled at the conditions and visited more around England. He put proposals forward so these conditions would be improved.  He felt there were prisoners that would benefit from being reformed rather than punished and worked towards this.  After his death in 1790, the Howard Association was formed, a charity group that continued this work.  The Jedburgh Castle Prison was one such reform prison and is the last Howard Reform Prison left in the country.

Jedburgh Castle Jail shut it’s doors in 1886 and is now operates as a museum.

Jedburgh Castle Jail - Ghosts

Ghosts of Jedburgh Castle Jail

There have long been reports of ghostly goings-on in Jedburgh Castle Jail.  Shadowy figures have been witnessed, disembodied voices heard and even poltergeist activity.

When we got there Elliott our guide, who did not believe in ghosts, said he had witnessed too many strange events himself.  He related how on one night he was there, he witnessed a group table tipping.  He also watched as the group tried to keep up with the table as it started to walk by itself down the hallway towards him.  Another incident that he said he would not forget in a hurry, was the night a lady had her hand resting against the door frame.  She screamed as the big heavy cell door suddenly slammed itself shut, crushing her fingers in the process.

Could it be the unhappy spirits of Edwin McArthur or Thomas Wilson who were executed in the 1800s?  Or could it be something darker from prior to Jedburgh Castle Prison being built?  After all, there was bloody history going back centuries.

Paranormal Investigation at Jedburgh


It is always amazing when Kag and I rock up at a venue, it never fails that the host for the night always peers over our shoulders to see where the rest of our team are.  Nope, just us!

It has been a privilege to be in these historical locations, and Jedburgh Castle Jail was no different.  Elliott, our host for the night, guided us around the prison and updated us on the history. All seemed well until we got to the male block with the infamous cell 18.  This block had only recently been opened to paranormal investigations and is not open to the general public.  As I interviewed Elliott, Kag wandered off down the corridor to the staircase at the end but returned quickly without saying a word.  Once I finished with Elliott I too wandered to take photographs and came across the stairwell at the end.  For the first time since arriving at the venue, everything bristled.  Something did not feel right about that stairwell.  Despite the birds singing and it still being daylight, the mood there felt dark and heavy.  I too quickly returned to Kag and Elliott and made mention of it.  Kag then opened up that she had felt the same and was why she had returned so quickly.

Because of the foreboding feel of this cell block we decided this was where we needed to start.  After picking up our gear and parting from Elliott, we returned to set up some equipment.  No sooner had we got to the top of the stairs, we both heard a strong male voice reverberate around the cell block.  We knew Elliott was still back in his office and there was nobody else with us.  Our regret was that we weren’t recording at this point.  We couldn’t distinguish what was said, but with this and that definite ‘something isn’t right here’ feeling, it certainly had us on edge from the start.

A lot of what we had happen, was more of a personal nature and not so much an event caught on camera.  As I was standing at the end of the hallway next to a table, there were 3 clear raps next to me.   My torch at one point felt like something was trying to pull it out of my hand, as well as having pressure on my shoulders as if somebody was trying to get me down to the ground.

Jedburgh Castle Jail - Paranormal EquipmentWe had some equipment trigger, but we weren’t getting too much so we moved to the Bridewell Block which proved a little more curious. At one point, Kag was demanding that they step out of their cell, and at that precise moment, the Rempod (proximity device) triggered as did the EDI both at the same time.  Soon after we also had footsteps at the end of the hallway.

We did do a live stream investigation to our page from Jedburgh Castle Jail, and everybody watching asked that we returned to the male block and in particular cell 18.

So back we went, and we settled ourselves in the dark of cell 18.  As we were questioning to see if we could get any response, we were startled by 3 loud knocks out in the hallway near our door.  Again on edge, we waited to see if it would be followed by any further sound.  Interestingly the building had been silent the whole time.  It is a solid stone building and appeared to give very little movement sound.

We decided to play with the Ghostbox (broken radio) and turned it on.  Three times it appeared to say ‘We’re here’, one time repeating straight after I said it, almost as if mimicking me.   The most interesting response, however, was when I asked why whatever was there broke the fingers of the lady.   I asked if she had been annoying them to which the box replied with an immediate “no” but then it added “she’s a c@#t”… Not something you usually hear from a radio station!   Although I sit on the fence with this device, we can’t deny we have had some curious things come out of it from time to time.

With that our night came to an end.

We would like to thank Jedburgh Castle Jail for allowing us the freedom to explore and especially Elliott, our wonderful host for the night.  Hopefully one day we can return and explore further.


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Written By Alison Oborn
Owner Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons
Paranormal Researcher, tour guide, author and radio host
All articles are the personal opinion of the author only and do not always reflect the views of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons.

© Alison Oborn – Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons – 2020

Jedburgh Castle Jail Website





Margam Castle – Murder & Ghosts!
By Alison Oborn

History of Margam Castle

Margam Castle sits nestled on an 850-acre country estate roughly 2 miles from Port Talbot, South Wales.  It is, in fact, a large Victorian-era country home, built to look like a gothic-style castle.  Built between 1830-1840 Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot commissioned it after having returned from a grand tour of Europe.  He had fallen in love with the gothic architecture over there.  On returning to his home in South Wales he decided he wanted a similar building on his family estate.  There had been a family home prior to this, but Christopher demolished the Tudor building, to make way for his new one.

The Talbot family remained with the house up until 1942 when it was finally sold to Sir David Evans-Bevan.  However Sir Evans-Bevan soon felt that the building was far too large for his needs but could not find anybody at the time who would take it on, so slowly it fell into disrepair before the County Council took it on in 1974. Devastatingly, in 1977 a fire caused extensive damage to the building and everything within.  An ambitious restoration project still goes on today to restore this amazing place.

Although Margam Castle, as it stands was relatively new in history, the land itself had been in use for a lot longer and thought to have been occupied for around 4000 years.  There is evidence that Bronze age people settled in the area with several burial mounds being discovered in the park. Evidence of Roman occupation has also been found there.

The ruins of the 11th Century Margam Abbey remain in the grounds.  The Abbey was destroyed like many others during the dissolution of the monasteries in 1537. In fact, the first Mansell mansion was built out of and on the grounds of this abbey.

Margam Abbey - Margam Castle

Murder & Ghosts of Margam Castle

In 1898, what was described as one of the most awful crimes took place on the Margam Castle Estate.  Robert Scott (39), the head gamekeeper, discovered a poacher while doing his rounds.  Scott had sighted the poacher who had made a gap in the wall and was now inside the grounds.  The poacher realising he had been caught ran back towards the gap, at the same time Robert Scott too ran towards it, hoping to cut the Margam Castle Murderpoacher off.  Scott managed to get to the gap first only to see that the poacher had a shotgun, which he did not hesitate to fire at Scott’s face.  The result was horrible with the dislocation of the lower jaw and the shattering of the facial bones.  This did not kill him though, and he managed to struggle for some distance before collapsing.  This is when the poacher caught up to him and leaned across the wall to take another shot, this time hitting Scott in the shoulder.  The poacher then took off and Scott died alone.

Poaching was rife on Margam Estate as there was plenty of game to be found.  Many gamekeepers and assistants had been attacked before, with one even having been beaten and tied up to a tree.  No attack had been as deadly as this one.

Sadly Robert Scott’s wife was left behind with a small child, his widow not even being allowed to view his body due to the horrific damage.

It is said that the angry spirit that haunts Margam Castle is that of an unhappy Robert Scott.  Although it is said that he has been sighted in the grounds of Margam Park, he is also reported on the imposing gothic staircase.  Frequent poltergeist activity, such as stone-throwing is also put down to the angry gamekeeper.

But it is not just the gamekeeper who is thought to be haunting this country house as the sounds of children have been heard running and playing.  This is more mysterious as we can’t find many reports of children dying here.  Could this be less intelligent and just be residual?  Tell that to the real children who wander off and when found, claim that they had been playing with a ‘new friend’.

Margam Castle - Gothic staircase

The Paranormal Investigation

For some reason, from the very beginning, this amazingly beautiful building gave us the creeps.  No more so than the imposing gothic staircase that Margam Castle is famous for.  As we explored the building on our own, we both agreed that the staircase felt the most uncomfortable, giving us both an intense feeling that we were not welcome.  It should be remembered at this stage, that we had gone in blind, knowing very little about the history and the hauntings there.

We finally settled in the nursery upstairs where a large table and chairs allowed us to sit.  As we are not as young as we used to be, this is always welcome!  To get to the nursery, you had to walk through several rooms, a fact that did cross our minds should something happen!

It was as we were setting up, that something brushed across my arm almost as if I had been stroked.  I quickly got Kag to come over with a camera [see accompanying video] and indeed all the hair on the arm had lifted as if there was some source of static.

Finally, with lights off, we settled in the darkness and waited to see if anybody from the other side wanted to interact. It wasn’t long before we were hearing sounds in the room with us.  There was a subtle rustling as if almost akin to the swishing of a long dress.  This sound was circling us in the room and was closely followed also by the sound of somebody breathing heavily.  Strangely, was heard clearly by us, but was not picked up on the video.  The taps on the table next to us and knocks to the side, which were picked up on the video, also put us strangely on edge.  But one sound really made us jump, and that was the sound in the room behind us of a pebble or small rock being thrown.  Something we were later to find out was a regular happening in that area of the building.

We conducted a brief ghost box session and appeared to get a couple of interesting responses, not least a voice (almost electronic) saying ‘Bastard’.  Why interesting?  Because it sounded like Kag’s voice as if she was being mimicked.

We soon moved to the bottom of the staircase, but apart from a couple of loud thuds from upstairs, whatever was in the building seemed less talkative now.  We did get one interesting noise which I am unsure how to describe. If you watch the video, I will let you make up your own mind on what it is as we have no idea!  Even our security man, Dave, who joined us at the end had never heard this before.  We didn’t hear it audibly.

Margam Castle and Park is the most amazing, beautiful place and well worth a visit.  We didn’t get to investigate the Abbey ruins this time around, as the house kept us busy… maybe next time!

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Written By Alison Oborn
Owner Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons
Paranormal Researcher, tour guide, author and radio host
All articles are the personal opinion of the author only and do not always reflect the views of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons.

© Alison Oborn – Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons – 2020

Margam Country Park Website
Amy’s Crypt
Photo and Murder Story Newspapers of the day





In Sickness and in Death – the Grey Nurse Phenomena by Kag Allwood

The Grey Nurse hospital ghost – she is said to attend your needs with a smile whilst she empties the bedpan or changes your drip.  If you need extra care, she will press the buzzer to alert other nurses.  There is something not quite right about this nurse, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  You later realise her uniform was of a much older style.   Enquiries are made about the nurse wearing the grey uniform and a funny cap, only to be told that they don’t have a member of staff matching that description!   Not only that, the buzzer she pressed for help, either wasn’t connected or wasn’t working!

Partway through your shift, a patient requires the lavatory.  You place her on the toilet seat and, respecting her privacy, request that the buzzer is pressed when she is ready to be taken back to the bed.  After a while and with no buzzer being heard, you find that the patient is no longer where you left her.  She is now back in her bed, thanks to the lovely nurse in the grey uniform with the funny cap!  None of your work colleagues are wearing such unusual gear!

If you experienced these and many more similar incidents, you may have just been one of the many who have encountered the Grey Nurse!

The Grey Nurse is a world-wide phenomenon.  Wherever you go in the world, whether it be an old hospital or an aged-care home, you will find that it is more than likely to be haunted by a ‘Grey Nurse’.  She doesn’t go around the hospital jumping out and scaring patients, visitors or staff, but prefers to help out, as though she is still carrying on with her work, but her shift never ends.  You have to love nurses, even when they have passed on, they are still carrying on with their job!

Can we date the nurse by the jobs she undertakes?   If she was renowned for just emptying bedpans, then she could be from way back as they have been around for years.  But what about changing drips and pressing buzzers for help, surely that would require a more recently deceased person? This may not be necessarily so, as we are probably talking about an ‘intelligent haunting’.  Intelligent hauntings seem to able to communicate with us, to understand the equipment and also to acknowledge that we – the living – are around.  If it is true and they can learn how to manipulate our equipment, then surely it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that an intelligent haunting can learn other new things too, such as new nursing practices.  On this basis, and if the Grey Nurse does exist and is an ‘intelligent haunting’, she could be from any era, making our search for whomever she is, even more difficult!

The uniform that she wears can differ, depending on the venue.  Does the nurse wear the uniform that was worn at the time of her death, or can she change her look to ‘fit in’ more?  If she is going to be seen by a number of patients and visitors and she dates back to the days when long dresses were worn, she would stand out like a sore thumb.  Maybe she can possibly change how she looks and appear in a more ‘up-to-date’ outfit!   Who knows!

Former Royal Adelaide Hospital ghosts

Why carry on nursing?

Why do these nurses carry on with their job long after they are deceased?  There could possibly be a number of reasons.

Back in the day nurses not only had to live on-site, but they weren’t allowed to marry or, consequently, have a family.  If they married or fell pregnant, they had to leave their career!  Many stayed single and carried on with their healing role, the hospital became their life.  Maybe they are possibly carrying on nursing to this day!

Some nurses may have met an unfortunate ending, losing their lives to accidents, disease and even possibly murder.  These poor nurses could possibly feel that their lives were taken away far too soon and the job they loved and worked hard for ended before it was time!

A number of nurses back in the day, contracted the condition of the patients they were looking after such as influenza, typhoid and tuberculosis, sadly leading to death for some.  How fascinating would it be that a deceased nurse could still be looking after patients to this day, even though she may have lost her life by contracting the condition of her patient previously!

Death from burning could also be a cause for nurses losing their lives during the days before electricity.  Kerosene lamps and candles were used for lighting in the days when nurses’ uniforms consisted of long skirts, lots of heavy material and caps with streamers down the back (denoting your authority within the nursing staff).  All of these were accidents waiting to happen.

We cannot forget the nurses that joined the First and Second World War effort, not all of whom returned from their time serving their country.   Could they have come back to a job they loved?

The real reason is something we may never know.

Former Royal Adelaide Hospital Paranormal Investigation and Ghost Hunt

Lot Fourteen – Former Royal Adelaide Hospital (FRAH)

We had the privilege of conducting tours through the former hospital site.  Alongside the history tours, we were also taking guests on the Grey Nurse tour.  The former hospital was renown to have been haunted, with numerous stories of encounters with the Grey Nurse.

Former Royal Adelaide Hospital - Grey Nurse GhostNo-one knew who she was, but there were rumours of how she died.  These rumours varied depending on when staff worked there.  We have been told that she was the wife of a doctor who died on the operating table; one story suggests she was killed in an accident on her way to work; another version has her being pushed down the stairs by a mental health patient.  The list goes on…  This is part of the Grey Nurse puzzle that may never be solved.

Shadow figures were reported to walk between bays in the Emergency Department and room to room in the Intensive Care Unit, as though a nurse was checking up on her patients.  Whispering could also be heard from nurses’ bays.

Were any of these the Grey Nurse?

There have been a number of Grey Nurse stories told to us by nurses, security staff and cleaners alike.

A group of nurses were all involved in a resuscitation situation.  Next door drips and other medical paraphernalia that would be required shortly were being collated by unseen hands!

Bedpans could be heard rattling in a sluice room; a nurse checked the empty room and all the bedpans were on the floor.  The nurse put them back on the shelf and went about her duties.  Later on, she heard the same noise from the sluice room.  Again, the room was empty and the bedpans were on the floor.  The nurse, now understandably annoyed, blamed the Grey Nurse, telling her that they were too busy and didn’t have time for games.  The bedpans could stay on the floor and she should instead make herself useful.  Later the nurse checked on a patient that was in a lot of pain but had had the maximum amount of pain killers she could have, this patient was now fast asleep.  Thinking that the pain medications had now kicked in, the nurse left her in peace.  The following morning the nurse went to check on the very same patient and asked her if she was relieved that the pain killers had worked.  The patient replied that the pain meds hadn’t worked, but a lovely nurse in a grey uniform with a funny cap had stroked her face until she fell asleep, just like her mother used to do as a child!  So, she did make herself useful.

A cleaner was in the morgue when she turned around and saw a grey figure standing by her.  She called her friend who was in the building and her friend found the poor cleaner a white as a sheet!

Former Royal Adelaide Hospital Ghost Tour

In summary

After all our tours and investigations at Lot Fourteen, were we any closer to finding out who the Grey Nurse was and how she lost her life?  The answer is ‘no’, we didn’t get any closer at all.  Are we disappointed?  For sure, how cool would it have been to find out all about her and the reasons she carries on to this day.  We all knew that the likelihood of that happening was fairly low, but we could hope.  We will also never find out if there was just the one Grey Nurse or were there possibly more, which was one of the theories.  Was that the reason she was seen in different places and sometimes looking slightly different too.   I used to end my Grey Nurse tours at Lot Fourteen with the following and I feel it apt to end this blog with the same.

‘It doesn’t really matter if it’s The Grey Nurse or Grey Nurses.  What matters is that anyone that had dealings with the Grey Nurse, whether they were a patient, visitor or a member of staff, were grateful for her being around.  If you ever get the opportunity to talk to someone that has had dealings with the Grey Nurse, listen to their stories and listen to the passion in their voices.  It’s a fascinating subject”

For anyone who wants to know why the Grey Nurse, especially at Lot Fourteen is a female and not a male, that would be because the first male nurses weren’t employed by the FRAH until 1964!

“We would just like to thank Renewal S.A. for trusting us with such a sensitive site to take the public through for one last time and share the history.  By doing so it allowed over 5000 people to say a last goodbye to the FRAH. Even better… Haunted Horizons managed to donate over $20,000 worth of life-saving medical equipment to Rotary and raised $5,000 for the Royal Flying Doctors.  We also, as always, raised money for Beyondblue. Thank you to everybody who supported us and made this possible!” ~ Haunted Horizons.


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Written By Kag Allwood
Lead Guide for Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons
Paranormal Researcher and tour guide
All articles are the personal opinion of the author only and do not always reflect the views of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons.

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The Dark Hedges Ghosts

The Dark Hedges Gives us a Suprise –
By Kag Allwood

History of the Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges was made famous by the hit HBO TV show ‘Game of Thrones’.  It was portrayed as part of Kings Road used by Arya Stark as she escaped from Kings Landing on the back of a cart, disguised as a boy.  For those that aren’t GOT fans and haven’t seen one iota of the show, then it’s a beautifully stunning tree-lined road in Ballymoney, County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

The rows of beech trees were planted by the Stuart family sometime in the 1770s to flank either side of the driveway leading to their Georgian mansion, Gracehill House.  Originally there were 150 trees, but now the numbers have reduced dramatically due to age, storms, malicious damage and traffic damaging the roots.

James Stuart was given the land in Ballymoney, along with other lands in Ireland, from King James I as he was the King’s Ambassador in Turin, Italy.  Unfortunately, James never managed to see the land he had acquired, as he drowned on his way to claim it!  The gifted land was kept in the fiercely fighting family hands for centuries after that.

The Dark Hedges - Gracehill HouseThe next family member that is recorded is Brigadier-General William Stuart who became impoverished after raising a regiment in support of King William III, resulting in the loss of some of the estate.  His son James fought alongside him and was injured in one of the battles, but despite this, still managed to have 21 children with his wife Jane!

James’ son, Irwin Stuart, focused on the battle on souls instead of war and followed a career as a vicar.  He married a lady called Elizabeth and have 6 children.  Irwin’s son, James, started building the property in c. 1775 and called it after his wife Grace.  His life was a mixture of army and family life.

The family at some point moved to North America and after that the history of this building is vague.  It was, however, bought by a Major Windsor in 1955 and then the Gillian family in 1971.  The latter family changed the whole purpose of the land and made it into a golf course.  In 2015 the property was sold once again with the whole area, including the property, being refurbished.

The Dark Hedges - Game of Thrones

Hauntings: The Grey Lady

Reports of a female figure is reported to have been seen gliding along the road and disappearing after the last tree.  This woman in white or a white mist has been reported on a number of occasions.

It’s not known who this wandering lady could be, but there a number of possibilities.  One belief is that she is a member of the Stuart family, possibly Margaret or ‘Cross Peggy’ as she was known.  She was the daughter of James and Elizabeth, the original builder of the property.  Another belief is that she could also possibly be a servant girl that went missing under mysterious circumstances or maybe a lost soul from a nearby forgotten graveyard?

With time on our hands that evening, we decided to find out!

The Dark Hedges at night

Paranormal Investigation:

In 2019 Alison and I visited the ‘Game of Thrones’ sites based in Northern Ireland and had an absolute blast.  The most impressive and eerie part of it all was the Dark Hedges.  We were so impressed and intrigued about the ghost stories that were told, we decided to carry out an investigation of our own.

We arrived at the Dark Hedges in time for sunset, ready to take some photos of this stunning area.  Soon it became dark, and as we walked the lane, we decided that is was far too black and creepy out there.  As we all know, it’s not the dead you have to be afraid of and with that being said, we decided to investigate in the car.  If any energy was to join with us, being in the car shouldn’t make any difference …. surely!

Not long after we began.  As we started our session, Alison could feel the car rocking slightly and I confirmed that it was me.  I have restless legs at times and moving them can help.

We then started with a ghost box session and it was interesting to have a woman’s voice come through and certainly appeared to be answering our questions.  Partway through though, her voice abruptly stopped and a strong male voice took over, almost as though the woman was being forbidden to talk to us.  In fact, the male voice got quite abusive with words you would not expect out of a radio station.  Just then the car started rocking again, this time it wasn’t me, it wasn’t Alison and there was no breeze what-so-ever!  The whole of the atmosphere in the car changed and had an ominous feel to it. It was decided to lock the doors although I am not sure what good that was going to do.  Can we say we contacted the ghost of the Dark Hedges?  No, but we will say that rocking of the car was extremely unnerving!

Eventually, it was getting late and we started back to our lodgings.  Even driving back through the tree-lined road was eerie!

All of this investigation was recorded on a mobile phone, all our evidence was caught.  Then, on the ferry back to England, some low-life stole Alison’s mobile phone and with it, all our photos, tour videos and investigation were gone, apart from a few photos on my phone.  What they couldn’t take from us was the great time we had in Ireland, the fantastic tours we went on and the memories we have to treasure.

Gracehill House and the Dark Hedges

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Written By Kag Allwood
Lead Guide for Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons
Paranormal Researcher and tour guide
All articles are the personal opinion of the author only and do not always reflect the views of Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons.

Kag Allwood - Blogger Haunted Horizons

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