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Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion?

Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion? Fire - spontaneous human combustion Gawler

Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion case, was this the first to occur in South Australia and what is it?  While researching stories for my Gawler Dark History Tour back in 2010, I uncovered one of the most intriguing stories of my tour.  At first, it seemed like the usual case of accidental […]



ADELAIDE ZOO – IS IT REALLY HAUNTED? Adelaide Zoo – A Brief History The Adelaide Zoo was officially opened on 23rd May 1883, after much debate and concerns of animals being so near the city.  The first Director was an Irish gentleman called Richard Minchin who had no zoo training, but what he did have […]


HAUNTED SCHNEIDER’S ALLEY – THE TRUTH Schneider's Alley Andersons Walk

IS SCHNEIDER’S ALLEY REALLY HAUNTED? An Injustice of the worst kind! (Please note, I have written this Schneider’s Alley blog slightly different to the others I have done.  I really want the information to stand out and be easy to read.  I don’t think that one story has angered me more than this one has.  […]

Haunted Adelaide Arcade – Murder, Tragedy & Ghosts!

Haunted Adelaide Arcade – Murder, Tragedy & Ghosts! Adelaide Arcade Ghost Tours - Haunted Horizons

HAUNTED ADELAIDE ARCADE INVESTIGATION BY HAUNTED HORIZONS “I am sorry, I don’t believe in such things.  But I can tell you now the Adelaide Arcade is haunted…” ~ Paul, who worked in the Adelaide Arcade at night At Haunted Horizons we are very lucky to be able to carry out tours at some of the […]

An Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story

An Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story

My Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story – By Nicolas Bishop “Real History. Real Frights – Our guide, Alison Oborn gave us an experience that I have not encountered on any other tour!  This is my Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story. The tour starts with a walk around the entire gaol. Straight away you get a feeling that […]