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Mercury in retrograde - what is it

Mercury in Retrograde – Is it a Real Thing?

Mercury in Retrograde – is it a real thing?  Have you heard people say when things have gone wrong, fall-outs occur, and all hell breaks loose, “Well, Mercury is in retrograde! What do you expect?”  It’s not always said, only at certain times of the year.

Me being me, I just agreed and left it at that.  The problem was, and something I never admitted, I hadn’t a clue what they were on about.

There are a vast number of people that believe in this phenomenon, especially those who are into and study Astrology.  Some of these believers take it very seriously, indeed, being very careful about what they say and do at these points in the calendar.  But many people, like me, haven’t got a clue what it is all about. I needed to get my head around the subject.

The two things I needed to know first:

  • Why Mercury?
  • What on earth was it doing in retrograde?

So, I decided to do some research on the subject and, according to my findings:

  • Mercury is the closest planet to Earth.
  • It orbits around the sun quicker than the Earth.
  • Planet Mercury, during retrograde, looks like it’s going backwards in its orbit.  It’s just an optical illusion due to the position of the Earth.
  • It happens about 3 or 4 times a year.
  • As the ‘planet of communication,’ it’s not classed as a good thing for us on Earth.

Why would this affect us here on Earth:

  • When Mercury passes us at speed, it kicks up dust that can then affect the earth
  • Mercury is believed to be the ‘communication’ planet and, as such, not a good thing for us down here
  • This can lead to the wrong messages being sent to the wrong people, and travel plans up in the air, causing confusion and frustration for many.  Many arguments have been blamed for this phenomenon too.
  • Some zodiac signs can be affected more than others or in different ways.

What is it about Mercury, and why is it believed to be the ‘communication’ planet?

History of the story of Mercury:

In Roman Mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the Gods, due to his speed.  He represents all forms of communication, education, relationships and transport.  So, the Messenger God was in charge of clear thoughts, name recognition, connections and any communication between humans, which would now include texts, emails etc.

In modern-day astrology, Mercury is the planet of relationships and spirit.  He puts things back together after first taking them apart.

How to deal with this if it is affecting you:

During Retrograde, we are advised to slow down and be kind to ourselves.  Do not get involved with anything that needs clear thinking, no arrangements made or double/triple check arrangements, and do not say anything that could upset anyone or be taken ‘out of context’.

This seems to be because Mercury travels around the sun faster than Earth and is our closest neighbour.  As it passes us at speed, it kicks up dust, affecting the earth and possibly our thinking.  This can lead to the wrong messages being sent to the wrong people, travel plans up in the air, confusion and frustration for many.

For those that feel affected by this, it is recommended that you are kind to yourself, be flexible and avoid important meetings/signing contracts etc.  Use it as a time for reflection.

Whether you believe in Mercury’s effects in Retrograde or not, you must admit that it is a fascinating subject.  For those that truly believe or are not quite sure, I have found out this year’s dates for you to be aware of.

Good luck, all!

Retrograde dates for 2023

21st April – 14th May

23rd August – 15th September

13th December – 1st January 2024


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