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Prospect Place Ghosts, Ohio

Prospect Place Ghosts, Ohio Prospect Place Ghosts - Haunted Ohio

Prospect Place Ghosts – A Brief History and Why it May be Haunted Prospect Place Ghosts, who are they, and why are they there?  Kag Allwood and I were lucky enough to be able to spend a night exploring and investigating this fantastic piece of Ohio’s history. This beautiful old mansion, also known as the […]

Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion?

Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion? Fire - spontaneous human combustion Gawler

Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion case, was this the first to occur in South Australia and what is it?  While researching stories for my Gawler Dark History Tour back in 2010, I uncovered one of the most intriguing stories of my tour.  At first, it seemed like the usual case of accidental […]

Old Derby Gaol Ghosts

Old Derby Gaol Ghosts Derby Gaol Ghosts

Old Derby Gaol Ghosts & History Old Derby Gaol Ghosts have been talked about for many years and we finally got our chance to explore these stories ourselves.  Old Derby Gaol sits in the heart of the town of Derby, Derbyshire in the U.K.  Originally anybody committing a crime in Derbyshire was taken to Nottingham […]