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Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion?

Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion? Fire - spontaneous human combustion Gawler

Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion Gawler Spontaneous Human Combustion case, was this the first to occur in South Australia and what is it?  While researching stories for my Gawler Dark History Tour back in 2010, I uncovered one of the most intriguing stories of my tour.  At first, it seemed like the usual case of accidental […]

Prince Albert Hotel Ghost – Gawler

Prince Albert Hotel Ghost – Gawler Prince Albert Ghosts Gawler

Prince Albert Hotel, Gawler – History The Prince Albert Hotel Ghost… does it exist?  We were kindly invited to find out by the Hotel owners, as they have had a few strange occurrences that have made them wonder. Originally known as the Prince Albert Inn, it was opened in 1859 and belonged to John McEwen […]