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Z Ward Asylum

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour with Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Z Ward Asylum Ghost, History & Paranormal Investigation Tours

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of man”–Sir Isaac Newton

Do you have a fascination with Murder, history, mystery or ghosts? In that case, we have a Z Ward Tour just for you, whether you are a pure lover of history, curious about life after death or a dedicated paranormal enthusiast.

Haunted Horizons multi award-winning ghost tours have exclusive access to the world of the paranormal in the home for the criminally insane.  Join our professional and highly experienced guides for one of our multi award-winning ghost tours or Murder and Madness tours through this fascinating and eerie building.  We have been associated with Z Ward since 2015 and our extremely passionate guides know the building and some of its inhabitants extremely well.

Nicknamed the ‘bin’, a receptacle for society’s waste was how Z Ward had been described in the past! Z Ward at Glenside, formally Parkside Lunatic Asylum was built in 1885 to house the criminally insane.  Originally called ‘L’ Ward, this was ‘home’ to a number of Adelaide’s ‘Criminal Defectives’ as they were called.  Not very politically correct in today’s society.

This stunningly designed building is surrounded by a ‘haha wall’ making it difficult to escape, giving a hint as to the type of patient residing within the premises.  But were they all bad?  Many inmates passed through the secure gates of this building, but how many in the old days were truly ‘insane’.  Do some of the residents still linger?

At Haunted Horizons we are proud of our motto ‘Keeping it real’ so we don’t have someone in the background making noises or affecting the equipment.  We want you to have a ‘real’ paranormal experience, not a ‘made up’ one!

Make sure you book with the original local operator you can trust – Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons. Voted best Tour & Transport Operator in S.A. 3 years running and the only fully accredited ghost tour within the tourism industry.  

Here are the variety of tours we have on offer at Z Ward:

Z Ward Lunatic Asylum

Z Ward Ghost Tours

Dare you enter the doors of this imposing building?  Are you one of the brave souls that will manage to complete the whole tour or join the many that have had to leave?  Will you be the one that our back-up guide has to unlock the gates so you can return to your car?  If you are, you wouldn’t the first and you definitely won’t be the last!

Join Haunted Horizons on a multi-award-winning ghost tour where your passionate and highly experienced guide will take you around this fascinating building.  Hear about some of the unexplained activity that has been experienced there.  Will you become the target or maybe those around you?

Will someone in your group experience the many phenoniums of the Mirror Room?  See the figure often spotted in the shadows as if observing the tour?  Maybe you will hear the heavy male breathing close to your ear or feel somebody is right in your face?

Test your nerves at this intriguing location, there is nothing like Z Ward when it performs!

Venue: Z Ward, Rear of 63 Conyngham St, Glenside
Tour cost: $44
Duration: 2hrs
Age: 18+
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes, water and plenty of nerve! (Torches provided).
Conditions: 2hrs of walking and standing with a flight of stairs. Note this tour is conducted in darkness.
Please note: No alcohol.  People deemed to be under the influence will be refused entry and no refund given.

This is a 2hr guided tour by professional guides only, which is fully focused on the paranormal activity of the gaol.  No use of ghost hunting equipment is used on this tour.

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For more detailed information click Z Ward Asylum Ghost Tours

Z Ward Asylum Ghost Hunts and Paranormal Investigation

Z Ward Combined Ghost Tour & Ghost Hunt

A 2-hour ghost tour not enough for you? Have you watched those ghost hunting shows on T.V. and now curious about the equipment but not ready to do a full-on investigation yet?  Then join us for our extended tour and ghost hunt (4+ hours) where you become the Investigator yourself for a short time. Use our state-of-the-art equipment and see what you can hunt down… or maybe what hunts you down.

Not only do you get to experience the 2-hour tour but, after a much-needed break for refreshments and a steadying of the nerves, you then have 1.5 hours of paranormal investigation ahead.  Your small investigation group will be designated an experienced paranormal investigator who will show you how to use the basic paranormal equipment before taking you off to seek contact with any remaining inhabitants.  The kit includes KII meters; RemPod; Ghost Box; digital recorder; ovilus, EDI; infra-red camera etc.

Venue: Z Ward, Rear of 63 Conyngham, Glenside (NOT the Glenside main campus off Fullarton)
Tour cost: $80
Duration: 4hrs
Age: 18+
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes, water and plenty of nerve! (Torches provided).
Conditions: 4hrs of walking and standing with very little opportunity to sit and conducted in darkness.
Please note: No alcohol.  People deemed to be under the influence will be refused entry and no refund given.

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For more information click Z Ward Combined Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunts


Z Ward Asylum Ghost Tours - Ghost Hunting Equipment

Z Ward Paranormal Investigations Only

So, you have no become a dedicated paranormal enthusiast.  Guided tours are no longer for you, the excitement of the hunt is now deep within.  You hunger for those exhilarating moments when the equipment responds to your questions, you hear whispered voices or maybe get a glimpse of shadowy figures.  You are now seeking interaction and there is nothing more heart-stopping when your offer is accepted.

Haunted Horizons now have a 3-hour paranormal investigation only.  This has been designed for our regular guests who have been on our tours before and want to get into investigating straight away.  No cop out by having you download cheap and useless apps, we have invested more than $30,000 on professional equipment for you to use and instruct you to use it properly.

Each team of 6-8 people will be assigned a highly experienced investigator to assist.  In fact, we can confidently say our guides are the most experienced in Australia. Our guides are not just weekend investigators, they do this week in week out and some regularly investigate around the world in such places as the Queen Mary, Chillingham Castle and Waverly Hills Sanitorium.  Don’t forget to pick their brains!

Three hours of pure investigation, no tour and no break.  Not only do we use the basic investigation kits, but we also introduce the X-Cam, thermo camera, experiments and more.  More chance of capturing something paranormal, more opportunity for things to happen, more fun.

Will you manage to have a conversation via the ghost box or will you capture an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) on the digital recorder?

Venue: Z Ward, Rear of 63 Conyngham Street, Glenside
Tour cost: $80
Duration: 3hrs
Age: 18+
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes, water and plenty of nerve! (Torches provided).
Conditions: 3hrs of standing or sitting on floors (unless you bring a chair) and conducted in darkness.
Please note: No alcohol.  People deemed to be under the influence will be refused entry and no refund given.

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Z Ward Asylum Murder & Madness - Dark History Tour

Z Ward Asylum – Murder & Madness, Dark History Tour

Join us for what can only be described as the most unique exploration of the criminal mind as we take you to through the criminally insane Z Ward which was part of what was then known as Parkside Lunatic Asylum (now Glenside).

Suited for those not into ghosts (yes there are some out there) and conducted with the lights on, this fascinating tour talks about some of the inmates incarcerated in this the facility.  We study 12 of the historical murderers, the possible cause of their ‘insanity’, their crime and their eventual fate.  Become absorbed in their personal stories, see their faces as we bring the past to back to life.

Courtesy of the National Trust of South Australia, and with some of your tour fee donated to beyondblue, this is truly a unique offering unmatchable by any other provider. 

Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons – demand the most experienced and highly awarded local operator to share our passion for history with you. 

Venue: Z Ward, rear of 63 Conyngham Street, Glenside
Tour cost: $38
Duration: 2hrs
Age: 15+
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes
Conditions: 2hrs of walking and standing with little opportunity to sit.
Please note: No alcohol.  People deemed to be under the influence will be refused entry and no refund given.

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For more information on this tour click Z Ward Murder & Madness
For more information on the history click Z Ward Dark History


Brilliant Tour Guides, as usual, thank you, Craig and Ann! Just love visiting the Z Ward. It’s such a privilege to be able to go there! It’s a beautiful building which houses an incredible past! I’m so thankful to Haunted Horizons for operating these tours!



Alison and the team ran a very professional, engaging tour of Z Ward in Adelaide. Also, have to note how respectful the guides were of the mental health issues inherent in an asylum. Great fun, highly recommended, looking forward to seeing the photos on Facebook!



Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons reserves the right to cancel an event should numbers not be reached or D.E.W.N.R. (Department that owns the Gaol) decides to use it for their own events.  If this happens money will be refunded in full or another date offered.

Please note, although the stories that are told are real,  Haunted Horizon’s™ naturally can NOT promise you a ghost on the night, we can however ensure you have an enjoyable and fun night.  For this reason these tours and investigations should be viewed as entertainment only.

Book with the local operator you can trust. Haunted Horizons™, has been named best Tour Operator in the South Australian Tourism Awards 2015, 2016 & 2017 (Hall of Fame). You will also be booking with the official paranormal investigators (PFI) who’ve been operating there for more than 16 years.

How to check dates/book your tour

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For more information

Email: Haunted Horizons
Phone: 0407 715 866

No tickets will be sent. Print out the email/payment details and bring with you.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking your tour. We will assume you have read and agreed to these when you book.

Haunted Horizons has a ‘no refund’ policy.

Please remember to double check dates and times by pressing our ‘Book Now’ button.

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