Z Ward Asylum Ghost Tour

Z Ward Ghost Tours: Ward for the ‘Criminally Insane’ at Glenside Hospital, previously Parkside Lunatic Asylum

Z Ward Ghost Tours at Glenside Hospital (Parkside Lunatic Asylum), has long been a fascination for those interested in the paranormal and Ghosts, and the question asked… is it really haunted? Join us, on this unique opportunity to explore this building and hear about true experiences, disturbing events, and make up your own mind on the heart-pounding Z Ward Asylum Ghost Tours.

Completed in 1885 and shut in 1973, this stand-alone building with its impressive and inescapable (Ha-Ha) wall, housed many of the State’s most violent and ‘criminally insane’ patients… murderers, thieves and the very disturbed, Z Ward housed them all. No wonder it has gained a reputation for ghosts and strange goings-on.

In Nov 2014, Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours were asked to service the night tours at Z Ward.  At that time we had no idea if it was haunted or not, as nobody had ever been in to find out.  We had 90 days to uncover that mystery. We were blown away!

Dark History Tours

The response was phenomenal.  We took over 1200 people through during this short period of time.  The results were sometimes, not only astounding but terrifying too.

With this exciting journey came the opportunity to raise funds towards heritage projects for Z Ward, so enabling the preservation of its history for future generations.  Because of the nature of this building, we also now proudly support beyondblue.

Because of the unexpected, but mounting experiences reported by guests on our ghost hunts, we felt confident that we had enough material to commence a shorter ghost tour, especially for those not so interested in paranormal investigation work.  Just as things were warming up, including watching a mobile phone thrown by an invisible force across a room….  our time was up and sadly we left it all behind.

Six months later our Z Ward Asylum Ghost Tours were invited back!

Over the last 7 years, this tour has definitely become our most challenging, not only for our guests but for our guides too.  The Z Ward Asylum Ghost Tours have definitely become the darkest and scariest tour in South Australia.


If you want to delve further into the paranormal why not try one of our paranormal investigations which can be found at Z Ward Ghost Hunts

Location Details


Z Ward Asylum


Z Ward, Rear of 63 Conyngham St, Glenside



16+ (Accompanied by and adult)

2 Hour Ghost Tour

2 Hours

What to Bring

Sensible clothing/shoes, water, small torch (on phone will suffice) and plenty of nerve!


Strictly 16+ (accompanied by adult). 2hrs of walking and standing with a flight of stairs. Note this tour is conducted in darkness.

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