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Vernon Gate Prison Ghosts, Derby

Vernon Gate Prison Ghosts, Derby Vernon Gate Prison Ghosts - Derby

Haunted Vernon Gate Prison – A Brief History Vernon Gate Prison ghosts have been investigated for many years now, and we were given the opportunity to visit this historic prison for ourselves.  But what was the history behind what’s left of this historic Gaol? After finally being granted permission to have their own Gaol, the […]


JEDBURGH CASTLE JAIL GHOSTS Jedburgh Castle Jail - Haunted Prison

JEDBURGH CASTLE JAIL Jedburgh Castle Jail – Ghosts & Hauntings! By Alison Oborn   History of Jedburgh Castle Jail Jedburgh Castle Jail is a title that is a little misleading as this facility was never a true castle.  So just how did this Georgian prison get the term ‘castle’ in its name? Jedburgh Castle Jail […]