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Charleville Castle Ghosts, Ireland

Charleville Castle Ghosts, Ireland Charleville Castle Ghosts - Ireland

Haunted Charleville Castle – Brief History Charleville Castle Ghosts, are they real?  Who are they, and why are they still there?  Kag and I were kindly given permission to visit and see if we could communicate with whoever remains in this beautiful castle. Charleville Castle is located in County Offaly in Ireland and sits in […]


THE DARK HEDGES GHOSTS The Dark Hedges Ghosts in Ireland

The Dark Hedges Ghosts The Dark Hedges Gives us a Suprise – By Kag Allwood History of the Dark Hedges The Dark Hedges was made famous by the hit HBO TV show ‘Game of Thrones’.  It was portrayed as part of Kings Road used by Arya Stark as she escaped from Kings Landing on the […]