Old Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour – Adelaide Haunted Horizons Just got a Whole lot Darker!

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour – not only can the Adelaide Gaol be intensely creepy during the day, but it turns a whole lot darker and much scarier at night!  If you add stories from our paranormal investigations, intertwine them with some dark history of the building and its inhabitants, end the night with our famous (or should it be infamous) lockdown, then you know you are in for a good night.

We were the official investigators of the Old Adelaide Gaol for over a decade and we know what the Gaol is capable of, but perhaps you can help us experience something we never have before.  It appears she still has a few surprises up her sleeve yet!

Our professional Guide will take you through on the Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour, where experiences are almost commonplace.  You will be introduced to how the Gaol operated in the past, especially the darker history of executions and look at whether this has an impact on the ghostly sightings today.

Visit the gallows in the hanging tower.  Stand on the trapdoor where the condemned would have stood before plummeting to their death at the end of a rope… and what of those executions that went wrong?  Could this explain the sometimes strange and often angry happenings in there?

Walk through our graveyard, affectionately known as ‘Murderers Row’, and meet some of the 45 executed prisoners who still remain within the precinct of the Adelaide Gaol, and a couple who may even remain in more ways than one.

What Have Others Experienced on the Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour?

  • Full-bodied apparitions (sightings so intense that some are convinced they are real)
  • Dark shadowy figures seem to watch the tour from the shadows.
  • Encounters with our then ‘top prisoner’ who was murdered. Is this why we get reports of men being pushed around by forces unseen.
  • Disembodied voices and sounds from times gone by Including voices captured on recordings.
  • Physical touching, sometimes gentle… sometimes not so much!

Our tours are also renowned for our famous (or should that be infamous) lockdowns to finish with.  What will you discover during those 5 minutes in a dark cell by yourself?  See if you are comforted by an unseen prisoner during Lockdown in the New Building … if you dare enter the cell on your own!

Not into ghosts? We do history and specialised tours. Try our Adelaide Gaol: Darkside Tour, and follow the journey of some of our condemned prisoners – the executions and the executed, and learn about their stories?

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Why would you do the Adelaide Gaol with Haunted Horizons™? Do you really have to ask?

  • Paranormal Field Investigators (our research arm) were the official investigators of the Gaol for over 10 years.
  • We were the ones that developed the Gaol ghost tours back in 2004.
  • We have the real stories, the major research, the video/audio, as you will see when on our tour.
  • We have unparalleled knowledge of the history, the ghosts, and the ghostly activities there.
  • You help support the Gaol and her history, as a portion of each ticket goes back to the Gaol.
  • Best of all, for every guest using our tours, we also donate part of your ticket price to beyondblue.

To learn more about why the Gaol would be haunted go to Adelaide Gaol Ghosts

Location Details


Old Adelaide Gaol


18 Gaol Road, Thebarton




2 Hour Ghost Tour

2 Hours

What to Bring

Sensible clothing/shoes, water, small torch (phone torch will suffice)


Strictly 15+. 2hrs of standing and walking

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