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Adelaide Gaol

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour with Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Adelaide Gaol Ghost, History & Paranormal Investigation Tours

“I love crime, I love history and I love ghosts…” – Stephen King

And so does Haunted Horizons on our multi-award winning Adelaide Gaol Tours!

Do you have a fascination with Murder, history, mystery or ghosts? In that case, we have an Adelaide Gaol Tour just for you, whether you are a pure lover of history, curious about life after death or a dedicated paranormal enthusiast.

Join our professional and highly experienced guides for one of our multi-award winning ghost or history tours through this amazing part of South Australia’s past.  Our extremely passionate guides have been associated with the Gaol for many years (some since 2002), so they know her history and her haunted hot spots like no others can.  In fact, we were the official paranormal researchers and history information officers here for over 10 years. We even developed the Gaols own ghost tours back in 2004 based on our research.

The Adelaide Gaol was built in 1841, just 5 years after colonisation of South Australia.  Over 300,000 men, women and children have passed through her doors. Some were incarcerated for just a short time but others for much longer. However, a small number were sentenced to eternity at the gaol, as the bodies of the 45 executed prisoners remain interred in the ground to this day… a final and lasting punishment. 

With its yards, Remand Centre, New building (although it was actually built in the late 1870’s), many original cell structures still in place and 4 execution sites, this is a fascinating slice of Adelaide history. 

Make sure you book with the original local operator you can trust – Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons. Voted best Tour & Transport Operator in S.A. 3 years running and the only fully accredited ghost tour within the tourism industry.  

Here are the variety of tours we have on offer at the Adelaide Gaol:

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour - Tunnel

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tours

The Adelaide Gaol won’t release all of her secrets in this 2hr Ghost Tour, after all, it took us over a decade of investigations to gather our evidence. We will, however, take you through a journey of some of what lies behind her walls and try and sneak you safely past what lurks in those darkest shadows.  Who knows, maybe you will take home a terrifying ghost story of your own!

Our Guides are wonderfully experienced but maybe you can stump them with something like:

  • “What daytime sightings have been made at the Gaol?”
  • “What’s in the pit and why did it make itself known one day?”
  • “What made one of the investigators scream and run for safety in 2012?
  • “Who is Sir and what did he do to change two sceptics lives forever?”

Join your guide as they take you on a tour of the ‘old lady’.  The history and paranormal events will unfold as you make your way through the various yards and buildings that make up the Adelaide Gaol grounds.  Will any of the resident inmates or guards join you on your tour?

Venue: Adelaide Gaol, 18 Gaol Road, Thebarton
Tour cost: $44
Duration: 2hrs
Age: 16+ (under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult)
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes, water and plenty of nerve! (Torches provided).
Conditions: 2hrs of walking and standing with very little opportunity to sit and conducted in darkness.

This is a 2hr guided tour by professional guides only, which is fully focused on the paranormal activity of the gaol.  No use of ghost hunting equipment is used on this tour.

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For more detailed information click Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tours

Adelaide Gaol Paranormal Investigation - Ghost Hunt

Adelaide Gaol Combined Ghost Tour & Ghost Hunt

Need more than a 2-hour ghost tour? Have you watched those ghost hunting shows on T.V. and now curious about the equipment but not ready to do a full-on investigation yet?  Then join us for our extended tour and ghost hunt (4+ hours) where you become the Investigator yourself for a short time. Use our state-of-the-art equipment and see what you can hunt down… or maybe what hunts you down.

Not only do you get to experience the 2-hour tour but, after a much need break for refreshments, you then have 1.5 hours of paranormal investigation ahead.  Your small investigation group will be designated a highly experienced investigator, shown how to use the paranormal equipment and taken off to see what can be found.  The basic kit includes KII meters; RemPod; Ghost Box; digital recorder, ovilus, EDI, infra-red camera etc.  Will your group be lucky (or unlucky) enough to make contact with whatever still resides in the Gaol?

Venue: Adelaide Gaol, 18 Gaol Road, Thebarton
Tour cost: $80
Duration: 4hrs
Age: 18+
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes, water and plenty of nerve! (Torches provided).
Conditions: 4hrs of walking and standing with very little opportunity to sit and conducted in darkness.

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For more information click Adelaide Gaol Combined Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunts


Adelaide Gaol Paranormal Investigations Only

So, you are now the dedicated paranormal enthusiast.  Guided tours are no longer for you, the excitement of the hunt is now deep within.  You hunger for those exhilarating moments when the equipment responds to your question, you hear whispered voices or maybe get a glimpse of shadowy figures.  You are now seeking interaction and there is nothing more heart-stopping then when your offer is accepted.

We do two types of paranormal investigations at the Adelaide Gaol, each using more state-of-the-art equipment than we use on the combined tour/ghost hunt.  No cop out by having you download cheap and useless apps, we have invested more than $30,000 on professional equipment for you to use and instruct you to use it properly.

Each team of 6-8 people will be assigned a highly experienced investigator to assist.  In fact, we can confidently say our guides are the most experienced in Australia. Our guides are not just weekend investigators, they do this week in week out and some regularly investigate around the world in such places as the Queen Mary, Chillingham Castle and Waverly Hills Sanitorium.  Don’t forget to pick their brains!

3 Hour Paranormal Investigation – This has been designed for the guest who has been on our tour before and now just wants to get straight into investigating.  Three hours of pure ghost hunting, no tour, no stories and no break.  Not only do we use the basic investigation kits, but we also introduce the X-Cam, thermal camera, new experiments and more.  This means a greater chance of capturing something paranormal, more opportunity for things to happen, and definitely more fun.

Venue: Adelaide Gaol, 18 Gaol Road, Thebarton
Tour cost: $80
Duration: 3hrs
Age: 18+
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes, water and plenty of nerve! (Torches provided).
Conditions: 3hrs of standing or sitting on floors (unless you bring a chair) and conducted in darkness.

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Six Hour Paranormal Investigation – Three hours not enough investigation time for you?  Why not join us on our 6hr paranormal investigations.  We start with a short tour of the venue to give you time to familiarise yourself with the hotspots and then dive into investigating with our state-of-the-art equipment.  All of our paranormal ghost hunting equipment will be available to you, as well as experiments.  Ghost hunting at its best …. all night long!

Please note: Six-hour investigations are specials only, and are on hold at present due to COVID restrictions

Venue: Adelaide Gaol, 18 Gaol Road, Thebarton
Tour cost: $125
Duration: 6hrs
Age: 18+
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes, water and plenty of nerve! (Torches provided).
Conditions: 6hrs of standing or sitting on floors (unless you bring a chair) and conducted in darkness.

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Adelaide Gaol dark History Tours

Adelaide Gaol History Tours

The Dark Side – Join your guide for a tour of the darker side of the Adelaide Gaol.  Hear about the executions that have taken place and some of the prisoners that lost their lives to the noose.  Did all hangings go according to plan?  Were all the deceased actually guilty?  All this and more will be told on this fascinating journey through the darker side of the Gaol.

Help us trace the footsteps of a number of inmates who made this fateful journey. The Adelaide Gaol witnessed 45 executions during its history and some of her inmates had rather unusual stories to tell. 

One common misconception (thanks to television) is the time taken from pronouncing sentence to the day of execution. ‘Death row’ in South Australia was experienced in most cases for no more than 28 days. Not long to make peace with your maker … 

Our history guides have unparalleled experience with the Adelaide Gaol and its occupants over the years. But don’t let them tell you the same stories they tell everyone – ask them about the following:- 

  • How true is the rumour that one or two executions did not go according to plan? 
  • Just what happened at the Gaol whilst condemned prisoners awaited execution? 
  • Why did so many judges enforce the death penalty when the juries asked for mercy? 

And for those who suffered the extreme penalty of the law … let us share their stories … 

Adelaide Gaol History (for group bookings only) – This tour incorporates a little of the above, but centres more on the history of the gaol, the everyday workings, some of the characters that resided there and intriguing trivia.

Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons – demand the most experienced and highly awarded local operator to share our passion with you. 

Venue: Adelaide Gaol, 18 Gaol Road, Thebarton
Tour cost: $38
Duration: 2hrs
Age: 15+
What to bring: Sensible clothing/shoes
Conditions: 2hrs of walking and standing with little opportunity to sit.

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Thanks guys for an awesome night at the gaol. We will definitely be back again for another investigation, or two. Recommend recommend recommend!!!



Thanks alison, spils and team had a awesome night, your knowledge and organization made the night. Hope to investigate with you again at some stage ! Love that new building thanks for signing our book Unreal!!!



Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons reserves the right to cancel an event should numbers not be reached or D.E.W.N.R. (Department that owns the Gaol) decides to use it for their own events.  If this happens money will be refunded in full or another date offered.

Please note, although the stories that are told are real,  Haunted Horizon’s™ naturally can NOT promise you a ghost on the night, we can however ensure you have an enjoyable and fun night.  For this reason these tours and investigations should be viewed as entertainment only.

Book with the local operator you can trust. Haunted Horizons™, has been named best Tour Operator in the South Australian Tourism Awards 2015, 2016 & 2017 (Hall of Fame). You will also be booking with the official paranormal investigators (PFI) who’ve been operating there for more than 16 years.

How to check dates/book your tour

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  6. Any problems then contact us.

For more information

Email: Haunted Horizons
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No tickets will be sent. Print out the email/payment details and bring with you.

Please read our terms and conditions before booking your tour. We will assume you have read and agreed to these when you book.

Haunted Horizons has a ‘no refund’ policy.

Please remember to double check dates and times by pressing our ‘Book Now’ button.

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