An Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story

My Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story – By Nicolas Bishop

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story

“Real History. Real Frights – Our guide, Alison Oborn gave us an experience that I have not encountered on any other tour!  This is my Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story.

The tour starts with a walk around the entire gaol. Straight away you get a feeling that you are being watched. The immense grounds and the stillness set the scene for a night of ghostly encounters. For those that love their history, they will surely learn a lot from Alison in regards to Adelaide Gaol’s dark past. From stories about ex-prisoners through to information on Adelaide history – you surely get your money’s worth.

My Adelaide Gaol ghost story began while walking around (and this was before dark) I could hear voices as well as footsteps. I felt like someone was following the group. It was in the museum that I experienced my first paranormal encounter. While Alison and another tour participant were in the Gaol wing I could hear footsteps in the museum. Instead of joining them in the wing I instead investigated where the noises were coming from. At the same time, Alison and co were trying to close one of the cell door slots. After looking around the museum (I couldn’t see anything) I decided to join the others in the wing. To my amazement as soon as I reached the wing I could see a hand coming from the cell door slot on inspecting after there was nobody there. This hand forcefully smashed the slot down. You can guess what happened next. I ran for my life. I have never been that scared in my life. Well little did I know what laid ahead for the group.

After the tour, we made our way back to the old Visiting Justice Room. Here Alison played us examples of EVP and voices from the ghost box. After my experience (I was still shaking like mad) these samples just put me further on edge.

Next was the investigation.

The investigation itself lasts around two hours. Here you are able to use equipment to track the paranormal as well as visit any location in the prison. Alison took us to places around the prison that have had vast paranormal events. Alas, those places would not be the ones that would make me doubt my own sanity.

The induction centre looks to be just another building. But by day or night, this is indeed is a dark place. As soon as I entered the building I began to feel lightheaded. It was like it was an extremely hot day. The temperature gauge at that stage read only 22 degrees. That was all about to change. When we sat down on the bench in the induction centre the gauge jumped to over 40 in a little over a few minutes. I then asked if any spirit could lessen the temperature on the gauge. I got a response almost straight away and the gauge dropped by 25 degrees. The group then decided to give the ghost box a go. This is where you ask questions and sometimes you might get a response. I’m not a great fan and neither is Alison, but I will give anything a go once. During this period the temperature gauge read 68 degrees. All the others in the room were now all complaining about feeling lightheaded. Alison then asks if anyone present could give us a sign they were there or touch us. Well, they did surely show us they were there. It went on for a few minutes. The noise could be best described as footsteps walking through dried leaves. It was the same noise that I had heard all night. What made this experience worse though was they kept getting closer and closer. Alison tried to radio her husband so that he could bring the video camera but the walkie talkie wouldn’t work. My nerves were shot at this stage. Thank Gawd everyone wanted to leave the room.

After regrouping outside we checked all the equipment. Both the temperature gauge and walkie-talkies needed their batteries changed. What is weird about this is both of them had just been refreshed before the investigation. These batteries should have lasted days. Another weird thing is another group members recording device stopped when the noises got closer. There was no one near the device. On the way back we heard the jail bell ring twice (Alison stated that it never had happened before) and also the between yards buzzer went off. Very unusual indeed.

Let me state that all the above did happen and is real. No gimmicks or pranks. We have audio evidence that all this took place. Thank you Alison for an amazing night. For one that has been searching for such an experience for years, I owe you and the Gaols inhabitants big time. This tour is indeed worth it. Give it a go when you are next in Adelaide. You never know what ghostly things you may encounter.”

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