Old Adelaide Gaol

Adelaide Gaol Dark History Tour

Old Adelaide Gaol Dark History

Cost: $39
Duration: 2 Hours
Help us trace the footsteps of a number of inmates who made that fateful journey to the gallows. The Adelaide Gaol witnessed 45 executions during its history and some of her inmates had rather unusual stories to tell. For those who suffered the extreme penalty of the law … let us share their stories
Old Adelaide Gaol Ghost Hunt

Old Adelaide Gaol Ghost Hunt

Cost: $80
Duration: 3 - 4 Hours
Who doesn’t like ghost hunting in old creepy prisons… and with 45 executions and 300 deaths, there is plenty to hunt for here! Join the official investigators for over 10 years… unlike other operators, we know where to look!
Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Old Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour

Cost: $48
Duration: 2 Hours
Haunted Horizons were the official investigators of the Adelaide Gaol so no other tour operator there knows the chilling goings-on at the Gaol quite like we do – after all, we literally wrote the book on it!