Adelaide Arcade Ghost – That’s Life Magazine Article

Adelaide Arcade Ghost Story by Alison Oborn which was featured in That’s Life Magazine.

“It was about 10 p.m. as we shuffled into the dark storeroom.  My friend Brad and I were filming a video about the Old Adelaide Arcade.

Built in 1885, it was thought to be haunted, so we got to work setting up the camera.

“You’ll never guess what happened,” I told Brad, “I was walking towards the storeroom door when it opened right in front of me!”

He was noticeably spooked, but as I finished my story, the same door suddenly swung open right in front of us.  Going pale, Brad turned and bolted from the room.  I giggled, chasing after him.

Just then, the door suddenly slammed closed behind me.

Even though I’d investigated the paranormal for years, I always looked for rational explanations first.

“It’s probably just a wind tunnel,” I chuckled.

Right next to it was a room that had once served as the living quarters for the caretaker, Francis Cluney.

Back in 1887, father of five Francis was checking a flickering light when he fell into an electricity generator and died.  Since then, many people had claimed to feel his presence in the building.

Even so, I was surprised by what I saw when I played the video we’d recorded back.

Smiling as I saw the footage of Brad sprinting out the open door, I wasn’t prepared for what I heard next.

As the door clicked closed behind us, I could clearly hear footsteps on the four stairs leading from the door inside.  Then there was a heavy sigh.  It was as if a man had descended the steps and groaned into the camera.  I could not believe it!

And my paranormal encounters did not end there.  Leading a tour of the old tearoom in the arcade’s basement, one day, I saw a dark figure passing by the door behind us.

“If there’s anyone here, make your presence known,” I asked.  Seconds later, a girl in the tour group, Tracey, let out a scream.

“Something touched me!” she panicked as the blood drained from her cheeks.

Until that point, she’d been the most sceptical of our group.  Now Tracey claimed to have felt a  hand stroke her face and sweep back her hair.

She was visibly shocked and hyperventilating.

Afterwards, a video would show there was no-one near Tracey.  I can’t say if it was Francis, but to have this possible evidence of the paranormal was a thrill.

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