Glenbarr Homestead Ghost Hunt

Glenbarr Homestead Ghost Hunt

Glenbarr Homestead is a unique ghost hunt in one of S.A.’s most haunted houses!

Glenbarr Homestead Ghost Hunt takes place in this beautiful and very haunted original home of the Rankin family.

Imagine …. You’re standing in an old dark cellar, it has an eerie feeling about it, that feeling intensifies when a figure is reported to be crawling in your direction.  The Ghost Hunting equipment outside the Chapel door starts to react to something close to it, but no one is there!  Lights from the paranormal equipment go off in the upstairs nursery and then noises are heard in the hallway.  All guests are accounted for!

These experiences and more have been reported on our  Glenbarr Homestead Ghost Hunt.

Strathalbyn is steeped in history and famous mostly for its antique shops, cafes and beautiful setting.  But when those antique shops close their doors and the café owners hang up their aprons at the end of a long day, darkness falls on Strathalbyn.  It is then that our attention is turned to a specific part of the town.

Glenbarr Homestead, situated just outside the town centre, is a beautiful, quiet retreat with fascinating buildings and lovely grounds, but by night, it takes on a totally different feel.  Being one of the original homesteads of the area (c.1842), this building was constructed and owned by the Rankine family for over 80 years.  They lived in the house and they died in the house, but are they still there?  Who is it that stands at an upstairs window …. and why?

Later on, in the history of the Homestead, two ladies lived in the property for over 35 years.  They were part of the Girl Guide movement and also housed youngsters so they could experience the countryside, the buildings were full of children. Are they still there, keeping an eye on their charges?

As for the cellar …. we will leave that one for you to find out!  Even the volunteers won’t enter here by themselves.

Join Adelaide Haunted Horizons for our Glenbarr Homestead Ghost Hunt, as we travel back in time to see if we can contact those still occupying the building.

Think an original homestead built in Strathalbyn wouldn’t be scary … think again!

Will you experience any of the reported paranormal phenomena in this unique venue?   Will you take a ghost story of your own home with you?  Join us and find out.

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Please note the Glenbarr Homestead Ghost Hunt is a Special Event, and only run every couple of months.  Please check our calendar or contact us for dates.

Location Details


Glenbarr Homestead


Glenbarr Homestead, Paris Creek Road, Strathalbyn




Paranormal Investigation (no stories)


What to Bring

Comfortable/sensible shoes and weather appropriate clothing. Water bottle.


Uneven ground and steep stairs. This tour is conducted in darkness.

Paranormal Investigation (no stories)


What to Bring

Comfortable/sensible shoes and weather appropriate clothing. Water bottle and nibbles for breaks.


Uneven ground and steep stairs. This tour is conducted in darkness.

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