Z Ward: Murder & Madness

Z Ward Murder and Mayhem Tour - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Z Ward Asylum Murder & Madness Tour: Let us put the faces to Z Ward!

Just how are the Adelaide Gaol and the ‘criminally insane’ Z Ward in Glenside linked?  Help us explore this connection and learn of some of the ‘criminally insane’ patients that found themselves locked in Z Ward on this Z Ward Asylum Murder & Madness Tour, including those that committed murder.

We choose 12 of the historical murderers incarcerated in Z Ward, we look at their crimes, their victims and their stories before finding out their fate.

Stories include:

  • A Jockey, who turned to murder after a terrible accident.
  • A palm reader, who predicted to a friend, ‘You will not live long with one husband’, before being arrested for her husbands murder.
  • The ‘Mad Russian’ who opened fire on a platform full of people, and the hero that tried to stop him.
  • Exploring the belief that they remained in Z Ward until their death.

These are just some of the stories from the Z Ward Asylum Murder & Madness Tour, with many more forgotten crimes to be visited on this.

Help us put a face to Z Ward by coming on a historical journey through the more personal, people history of this intriguing building, with Haunted Horizons – named ‘Best Tour Operator of 2015 and 2016 in the State Tourism Awards and proudly supporting beyondblue.

Z Ward Asylum Murder & Madness Tour details

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Where: Z Ward, Rear of 63 Conyngham St, Glenside (Not the main Glenside Campus)

Cost: $35

Age recommendation: 15+ (please check if younger)

Please note: this particular tour would be unsuitable for people with disability.
Please contact us for more information on which of our venues are more accessible such as the Adelaide Gaol.

If you are after tours of the spookier kind, click: Z Ward Ghost Tours

Z Ward Murder and Mayhem Tour - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

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