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Ward for the Criminally Insane at Glenside Hospital, previously Parkside Lunatic Asylum.

4hr paranormal investigation with equipment
Includes Ghost Tour, tea/coffee and investigation with equipment (supplied)
Nights – Most Thurs/Fri/Sat (other nights available on request but minimum numbers needed)
Cost – $80 per person (inc GST)
Suitable for ages 18+

Address:  Rear of 63 Conyngham St, Glenside. (Not the main Glenside campus off Fullarton)


How to Book Your Tour

  1. Check dates by pressing ‘book now’ for calendar.
  2. Either book yourself or contact us to process payment.
  3. Follow the prompts to book on website page.
  4. Choose number of tickets
  5. Choose pay by Credit Card or Paypal

Please note: No tickets will be sent, unless a gift voucher is needed. Print out the email/payment details and bring with you.

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Please read our terms & conditions before booking your tour.  We will assume you have read and agreed to these, when you book.

Is Z Ward really haunted?  Are those rumours true?  Now is your chance to find out!

Z Ward has long been a fascination for those interested in the paranormal, and there was always one question raised… is it really haunted?  Join us, in this unique opportunity to explore and lets find out!


“Are we excited? You bet!
Can we promise a ghost? Nope… and we are not going to even pretend we can
Is it haunted? Let’s find out!”

The above was our original and very honest advertising back in 2015.  Not knowing if it was haunted or not, we took people in every night for 3 months to find out, as that was all the time we were originally given.  Just as it was really starting to get interesting, including watching a mobile phone fly 3m across a room…. the tours finished and we were unable to explore the subject any further.  Fortunately, we were invited back and can continue the investigations, and you can help us do that.

Rather than allow just paranormal research teams to investigate such an important part of our heritage, we felt that you the public, deserved the same opportunity to come on this journey with us.  We still only have a certain amount of time to log any activity within this building, before its adaptive reuse in the future, and we are unsure on what that time frame will be. With the journey, comes the opportunity to raise not only funds for beyondblue but also for heritage projects for Z Ward, to  help preserve this history for future generations.  You can be a part of that, and have fun along the way!

Night includes:

1. Free time to explore and take photos.
2. Guided tour to cover what guides and guests have been experiencing at Z Ward.
3. Tea/coffee while being introduced to our state-of-the-art equipment.
3. Split into small groups and, armed with ghost hunting equipment, see if we can get any interaction (equipment supplied).
4. Try our famous ‘Lockdown’ – where you get to go into individual cells on your own in the dark!

Z Ward Ghost Hunts
Inside the Ha Ha Wall – © Alison Oborn – Adelaide Haunted Horizons



4hr paranormal investigation (ghost hunting) with equipment (supplied)
Nights – Most Thurs/Fri/Sat (other nights available on request but minimum numbers needed)
Cost – $80 per person (inc GST)
Suitable for ages 18+

book now

Shorter ghost tours available.  For more information go to Z Ward Ghost Tours

For more information on dates or to make a booking:
Phone 0407 715 866
Email: Haunted Horizons

Please read our terms and conditions before booking your tour.  We will assume this has been read and agreed to at the time of booking.

Car parking for this event is available just south of the building, which is located at the rear of 63 Conyngham St, Glenside.

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