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Unlucky Houses – Can Some Homes Really be that Unlucky?

Unlucky Houses – Can a home really be unlucky, cursed, or whatever you want to call it?  This has been a question of mine for quite some time.  It may sound weird or bizarre and also a bit crazy to some and maybe it is!  Just bear with me as you read this blog and maybe start to think ‘outside the box’.

Unlucky Houses number 1
Unlucky houses? #1

My Personal experience with Unlucky Houses

I want to start with the very first house my hubby, (then fiancé), and I purchased back in 1988.  A three bedroomed semi-detached two-storey house located in a town called Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, England.  It was a brand-new build (I worked for the builders) built on former farmland.  It was a starter home and we were very excited and felt very lucky as we had the pick of the plots, we chose all our accessories and made it our own.  Expecting to only live there for two or three years before moving somewhere bigger, we decided to stay on when our boys came along, eventually leaving after seven years.  Our time there was a happy one.  There were only two downsides for us, we didn’t like the area and we were rapidly growing out of room, but other than that, all was good.   We soon had a big adventure ahead; we were moving to the South of England as hubby had got a job in London.

home number 2Our next house was in Billericay in Essex, about 55kms from London.  This property was still a two-storey, three bedroomed semi-detached house, but on a larger scale.  Built, in 1961 it looked nice and sturdy but needed a lot of work, something that the previous owners hadn’t bothered with, and many before them by the look of it.  A large amount of money was spent on this place and we got it looking really nice, but it never felt like ‘home’ to me.  Originally, I put it down to the fact that we had moved away from family and friends with two small children, but that feeling never really went away.  I made many lovely friends in Essex and had a good social life.  The boys attended school there and had lots of friends.  To this day I still call Essex ‘home’.  So why didn’t that feeling of it not being ‘home’ go away?  Why were we all constantly having personal and health issues?  I found the Title Deeds for the property and noted that it had had numerous owners, more than I expected for the age of the property.  The previous owners had divorced and went their separate ways.  Was something going on that we didn’t know about?  Were we picking up on their unhappiness?

Another big move was ahead and a new start for us all again …. We were moving to Australia!

Mount Barker up in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia was the area for our next residence.  We picked a really nice house, so much bigger than we could ever afford in the UK.  It was only 5 years old and nothing needed doing to it, it was a turn-key property, built on former farmland.  We Unlucky House number 3moved in and issues started almost straight away.  These same issues, plus others, carried on throughout our time there.  Nothing much went right and I admit I got to the stage where I really couldn’t deal with it any longer.  I became literally house-bound for a while.  Was it because of the move from the UK?  I’ve tried to rationalise it and I don’t think so; I’ve always said the move from the North to South of England seemed so much bigger, as silly as this may sound.  I felt that this property was literally draining the life out of me.  My lovely neighbour, who was a big support for me, died of cancer.  I later found that the previous owner of that property had died the same way …. co-incidence?  The deeds to our property showed that we were the third owners in five years!  We found out afterwards that the first owners ran out of money and couldn’t afford to finish off the property.  The second owners had moved to the hills to be near family, but they weren’t welcome and moved back towards the city, and then we arrived.  Again, was it just life, ‘one of those things or was there something else at play?

Today my family and I live in a different area of Adelaide and life is ok.  We love the area, but not so much the house.  We all wanted to leave the last property and this one, even though not ideal by any means, is ‘ok’.  The main thing for me is that we are doing ok, nothing major, just ‘ok’.  Ok for me is just fine, I’m happy with that.  The history of this property?  It was built as a rental on former farmland.  For twelve years it was constantly lived in by people who didn’t own it, didn’t love it, couldn’t call it their own.  Could this be the reason that I consider it as being “meh”?  I neither love it nor hate it, just like the previous renters.

So, am I strange?  Is this blog weird?  Is there such a thing as unlucky houses? I don’t believe in curses or that people can place harm on one another simply by wishing it upon them.  I’m not a superstitious person and I class myself as fairly logical.   I also know that life at times, to put it bluntly, can be shit!  Things happen that are out of our control.  I’ve read where people say that ‘unlucky houses’ for the most part is perception driven by attitude, focusing on the negative only.  Is it ‘apophenia’ which is a tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things?  Also, houses can’t be unlucky as they are bricks and mortar, an object, a thing.  Some blame the deceased, but do they deserve that label?  What if there is no previous history to the house or land, paranormal-wise; can the feelings, bad or good, and day-to-day activity of the living indent into the walls of a home?

House and superstitions


We all want a nice house if we can afford it, but do we judge properties for other reasons than the look and practicalities?

There are certain houses that some people avoid buying in the first place, even before entering the premises.  Deceased estates, properties where murders have taken place or suicides have occurred can be a big put-off.  Houses with the number 13 for some is a no-no.  The number four for the Chinese community is to be avoided at all costs, as in Mandarin it sounds too close to the word ‘death’!  A premium is also paid for properties that are on ’lucky’ streets.

Unlucky Houses - House numbersI had a conversation with a friend of mine about houses and house numbers and he was interested in house numerology, adding the house numbers together until you get a single number (e.g. house number 168 1+6+8=15, 1+5=6).  Each single-digit number has a meaning such as number 2 is for a happy marriage whilst number 8 stands for good fortune.  Again, the number 4 isn’t so lucky as per the reason above.

I’m not a big believer in house numerology, but find it interesting that the 4 houses we have owned during our married life have been numbers 1, 15, 1 and 5.  So, according to the numerology theory number 1 is a fresh start, it just so happens that the two number 1’s were our first house together and our first house in Australia, definitely fresh starts!  Number 6 is trouble free-living, not right for our Essex home (no. 15) and neither is our ‘ok’ home we live in now which is for ‘free spirits’ (no. 5).

Once entering the house some can be put off by the bad ‘Feng Shui’ with the layout not allowing a free flow of energy.  Others may find out that their lovely old property has an object such as a child’s shoe placed up the chimney or a dead cat under the floorboards, an ancient way of protecting the house from evil.

Can such issues cause homeowners to ‘implant’ feelings into the property, good or bad? Can this be the cause of unlucky houses?

During my research I came across a forum about unlucky houses (the site shall remain nameless), the following was posted:

“I’m not remotely superstitious but me and my then-husband bought a lovely four bed detached house years ago. It soon became clear that the previous owner had been in serious financial trouble as we had a constant stream of letters from banks/credit companies for him plus a visit from the Bailiffs. Then my husband ran over our cat and broke his pelvis. Following that the cat lost an eye in a fight and finally got diagnosed with cancer.
After that, me and my husband went through a very nasty divorce (not due to him running over the cat btw) and sold the house. A family of five bought it. One of the sons was involved in a very nasty car crash and then the father died of a virulent cancer when only in his mid-forties.

Lovely as the house is – if I ever had the opportunity to buy it again, I’m not sure I would!”

As you can imagine the post received numerous negative comments, the more polite ones stating that it was just a spate of bad luck, one of those things, get over it!  But there was one comment that got my attention, a post that turned my theory on its head and into the positive:

“I believe the logic thing if you like, but it worked the other way for me. I moved from a place where I didn’t have much luck and was permanently in a tense anxious state, to a house that seemed to wrap its arms around me and say “welcome, now just relax. I swear different houses have different effects.”

I’ve yet to find a property like this, one that I love and am truly happy to call home, but in the meantime, my ‘ok’ house will do.

Can really bad things happen in ‘unlucky houses’?  In my findings arguments, divorce and illness are commonly reported, but how can you prove that it is the house and not caused by the hassle of day-to-day life?  How can you prove that the bricks and mortar you are living in are draining you, and it’s not just the fast pace of life that we live in today?  How can we prove anything?  But if the dead can supposedly imprint into the brickwork, then why can’t the living!  You decide.


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