Haunted Church in Tailem Town Turns Sceptic into Believer

Haunted Church - Old Tailem Town Ghost Tours

Old Tailem Town has a rather intriguing building – what appears to be a haunted church!  Over time we have had many people trancing out, still awake but remembering nothing.  We have had the sighting of a dark shadow figure with many feeling his touch.

On one of our tours, we had a lovely group of people come, but Moses was not truly interested in the stories.  He was a sceptic and was just there as part of the group.  It wasn’t until he got to that haunted church that things changed.  I will let Moses briefly tell what happened and let you watch the video.

Hi Alison,

Just wanted to thank you for a great night a few weeks ago. I was definitely very surprised by the night’s events. I have to admit I was a sceptic before coming, however, I am glad to say I BELIEVE!!!!

Your tour is 100% REAL – Nothing put on, which makes it so great. However, the church was definitely a deal-breaker for me… I can’t believe I was just sitting there in the church, relaxed listening to your stories and then with such a great force my arm was pushed upwards into the pew in front of me. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t feel anything/anyone grab my arm it just went up with such force!??? I can’t explain it… I hit the top of my hand but closer to my wrist. I felt instant pain. My Mother-in-law, Aunty and Uncle were sitting on the pew in front of me and they said that I hit the pew with such force that they jolted forward and my uncle felt my hand go into his ribs.

Tailem Hand Slam

I have gone over numerous times in my head… trying to rationalise everything and I have come up empty! Even if I punched the pew myself for some unknown reason, I would have hit my knuckles. Whereas my injury was on top of my hand near my wrist. It is just ODD!

Thanks, Moses

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