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Among our portfolio at Adelaide Haunted Horizons, we do have special events and tours. Here is our collection of our all-night paranormal investigations, guest speakers and other events that come up.

Burra All Night Paranormal Investigation. Adelaide Haunted Horizons.

Burra All-Night Paranormal Investigation


Join us for 7hrs of paranormal investigation in several locations, including Redruth Gaol, Miners dug-outs, police lock-ups and the Bon Accord cottage.  Use state-of-the-art equipment to hunt down any paranormal activity! 
Duration: 7hrs  Cost: $125
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Moonta All Night Paranormal Investigation. Adelaide Haunted Horizons.

Moonta All-Night Paranormal Investigation


Visit Moonta's past where shadowy figures and the disembodied voices of children are among the phenomena experienced by previous participants on these intriguing paranormal investigations.
Duration: 7hrs  Cost: $125
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Torrens Island Ghost Hunt

Torrens Island Paranormal Investigation


Have you ever wondered if ghosts come out in the day?  Well now is your chance to see if they interact in a groundbreaking daytime investigation.  Enjoy a unique part of South Australian history and see if ghosts truly do remain.
Duration: 4hrs Cost: $80
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Contributing Authors

Alison Oborn,
This Adelaide Author and award-winning tour operator is also a history & heritage enthusiast. She has been a volunteer guide, Information Officer and Researcher at the Adelaide Gaol since 2002.

Alison also loves a good mystery, and authored her book ‘Ghosts of the Past’ on the 10 years of paranormal research that she and her team, Paranormal Field Investigators conducted at the Adelaide Gaol.

She also runs Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, which operates Ghost Tours and Dark History Tours in the Adelaide Gaol, at Z Ward, National Railway Museum, Tailem Town, Adelaide Arcade, Moonta and Burra.


Kag Allwood - Blogger Haunted Horizons

Kag Allwood: The paranormal has always been a life-long interest of hers, but not something she ever thought of taking up seriously. She now works for Adelaide Haunted Horizons as part of the Management Team. Kag is also a lead guide, event organiser, as well as researches and writes her own tours.

She is an experienced, active paranormal investigator and have investigated numerous known haunted locations throughout the world.

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