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Moonta Paranormal Investigation

Moonta Paranormal Investigation by Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Moonta Paranormal Investigation – Grab your spots for this popular weekend away!

Come with us on our Moonta Paranormal Investigation and take a step back in time.
Moonta, or Little Cornwall as it is otherwise known, was such an important and intriguing part of South Australia’s history. Not many know, but without the discovery of copper in our State, our colony would have gone bankrupt. Come with us and follow in the footsteps of those Cornish miners who came to to mine in this historical town… those that lived and, just as importantly, those that died.
This is your chance to join us on  groundbreaking Moonta paranormal investigation, and help us explore and find out if any ‘energies’ still remain.
The Moonta National Trust has been kind enough to invite us to explore their amazing locations. We will be investigating the Model School, School of Mines, the Miners Cottage, Hughes Pump House and Richmans Enginehouse. (The last 2 are dependant on weather).
Activity level?  Well on our first investigation there, we had several people witness shadowy figures, heard disembodied voices of children and even had a ball (trigger object) fall under the bed… only to find that it had rolled out 30 mins later and now lay by somebodys feet.  Not bad for our first time!

Join our Moonta Paranormal Investigation

The night will include:

  • Familiarising yourself with the ghost hunting equipment and it’s correct uses.
  • Going over examples of possible evidence.
  • State-of-the art ghost hunting equipment supplied.
  • Splitting into teams, conducting experiments and monitoring these venues for possible ghostly activity.
  • Free refreshments throughout the night.

Shadowy figures and the sound of disembodied voices of children have been experienced by others on previous tours in Moonta.

How to book your tour

  1. Press ‘Book Now’ below for dates.
  2. To pay, simply press ‘book now’
  3. Choose number of tickets
  4. Choose pay by Credit Card or Paypal
  5. Any problems then contact us.

No tickets will be sent. Print out the email/payment details and bring with you. Please read our terms and conditions before booking your tour. We will assume you have read and agreed to these when you book. Haunted Horizons has a ‘no refund’ policy. Please remember to double check dates and times by pressing our ‘Book Now’ button.

Moonta Paranormal Investigation details

Duration: 7 hours (9 p.m. to 4 a.m.)

Cost with no accommodation: $135.  Refreshments throughout the night are included.

Age: 18+

These are special events so please press the ‘book now’ for dates or check with us.

Please note: this does not include meals, but you are welcome to join us for evening dinner. Just let us know if you are interested, and we will book you on our table.

Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons reserves the right to cancel an event should numbers not be reached or if property owners decide to use locations for their own events.  If this happens money will be refunded in full or another date offered.

Please note, although the stories that are told are real,  Haunted Horizon’s™ naturally can NOT promise you a ghost on the night, we can however ensure you have an enjoyable and fun night.  For this reason these tours and workshops should be viewed as entertainment only.

Join moonta Paranormal Investigation - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Book with the local operator you can trust. Haunted Horizons™, has been named best Tour Operator in the South Australian Tourism Awards 2015 and 2016. You will also be booking with professional paranormal investigators (PFI) who’ve been operating more than 15 years.

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