Haunted church at Old Tailem Town, Tailem Bend

An old church in a tourist village at Tailem Bend, sits in what is reportedly the most haunted town in South Australia.

Channel 9 news approached us a couple of years ago to inquire about video footage we maybe able to supply for a story about the ghosts in the village.  We held back with the good stuff, as we like to keep this as a treat for the tours, but what we did provide was still dramatic and curious.

Tailem Town has long been growing it’s reputation for being the most haunted town in South Australia.  People for many years have been experiencing everything from gentle touching through to choking sensations.  It is not unusual for people to collapse or trance out.  In fact if you book onto one our paranormal investigations, you will see a 20 minute video presentation when this has happened – including a lady who’s face appears to transform into a 6 year old childs face – she looks like a child, talks like a child but remembers nothing of it.  This led us to the death of a child related to the property!

Tailem Town Ghost Tours have become one of the most popular ghost tours in South Australia, as word gets around about the happenings there.  Come and check it out for yourself!

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This report, from Channel Nine.