Ghosts come out for history month in Gawler

All her life, SA’s foremost paranormal investigator, Alison Oborn, has been seeking out some of the State’s most haunted locations and has turned her sights to Gawler.

Here is the Messenger Newspaper article.

Tues, May 1, 2012

Paranormal investigator, Alison Oborn, has seen her fair share of ghosts over the years.

For the past 22 years, S.A.’s ghost hunter has been seeking out some of the State’s most haunted spots and has turned her sights to Gawler.

“The town has got lots of history and lots of tragic tales, murder mysteries and yes, even the odd ghost story” the One Tree Hill resident said.

Ms Oborn’s fascination with ghosts started at an early age in her home town of Newcastle in the UK.

“My earliest memory of the supernatural came when I was four years old, when I heard the raspy breathing of an old man in my bedroom, yet no one was in the room” she said.  “I was born into a haunted house and since then it has been like a moth to the flame trying to find natural answers to the paranormal”

Ms Oborn will be holding Gawler Dark History Tours on Sundays during History Month, visiting Dead Mans Pass, Pioneer Park and Murray St.

“People walking through the streets are usually unaware just how steeped in history the town of Gawler really is,” Ms Oborn said. “There are many great people who used to live here, some of whom died in some unusual and quirky ways”.

“The tours are about giving people a different perspective on their town and about learning about a side of history that may have been forgotten.”

Ms Oborn said the sightings of ghosts and visiting haunted spaces used to “terrify” her but now she finds it fascinating.

“I still get a real uneasy feeling when I am in a space and I can feel something supernatural going on,” she said.  “I usually get goose-bumps but mostly now I get really excited.”

Ms Oborn is no stranger to the supernatural.  For the past nine years she has been a volunteer tour guide at the Old Adelaide Gaol reputed to be one of the most haunted sites in SA.

She also runs ghost tours at Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village, St Ceceilia Mansion in Peterborough and the town of Burra.

“My tours are a bit of fun and a chance for people interested in history and the paranormal to find out about the history of a town.”

The Gawler tours are now reserved for group bookings Sun – Weds.  For enquiries Contact Us