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Free Live Paranormal Investigations

Burra All Night Paranormal Investigation - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Live Paranormal Investigations & Ghost Hunts For Free – Introduction



Free Live Paranormal Investigations

Do you dream of going overseas and investigating some of the most terrifying places the world has on offer? You may have watched these locations on the T.V. Ghost Hunting shows.  Do money and time constraints make this a luxury far out of your reach?

Well, Haunted Horizons wants to give you all this and more with our live paranormal investigations. Now, you can journey with us around Australia and far beyond, investigating some of the creepiest and most haunted locations we can find. Relax, turn the lights off, put on your headphones and actively join in any of these live feed investigations from the comfort of your own home.  This is where you get to chat, make suggestions, listen, watch and tell us if you are seeing/hearing that we are missing.  You become the paranormal investigator for the night for a short time.

For our page followers we will conduct one area of investigation with you for free, as always.  Nothing there will change.  If this is all you require we love to share and love even more to see your comments and suggestions!  However, if this isn’t enough and you want more, why not join our subscription page.  With this you get to move with us to other areas of a location once the free live finishes.

NOTE: with the Corvid-19 virus we are including more of these free live paranormal investigations. 

These will be streamed on our Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Facebook Page
To check out dates and times go to our Facebook Event Page

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Live Paranormal Investigations in South Australia & Beyond for the Price of a Coffee per Month!

Firstly for those who have enjoyed our live paranormal investigations so far, in such places as Waverley Hills Sanitorium, Bobby Mackey’s’ Music Hall, Shepton Mallet Prison, Old Licking Gaol, Moundsville WV Penitentiary and Mansfield (Shawshank Redemption) Penitentiary just to name a few… we will continue to give you one area of investigation for free, as we always have. Make sure you like the Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Facebook page, as we will be hosting the free ones there.

As you can imagine though, taking you around the world and privately hiring these locations isn’t a cheap exercise. We love taking you to these places and we know you love discovering them with us. It is why we are asking for your support and in return, you will get exclusive access to so much more!

  • Take part in exclusive live paranormal investigations (where the signal allows)
  • Be a part of our private Haunted Horizons Live Group page and mingle with our wonderful group of friendly, like-minded subscribers.
  • Join us in local and International locations (overseas at least twice a year)
  • Continue on to extra areas to investigate once the free live feed finishes.
  • Get the heads up on locations ahead of time or be suprised by impromptu extra feeds and chats.
  • Do research on these locations yourself and suggest experiments and questions you would like to see on the night. Be a part of the planning just like in a real investigation.
  • Watch exclusive full interviews with the people who work at these locations (higher tiers)
  • Watch exclusive behind the scenes footage. (higher tiers
  • Have exclusive access to the raw investigation footage and help us to review. (higher tiers)

We are excited to be able to share our paranormal adventures with you, and even more excited to be able to share so much more!

Join us on our Patreon Subscription Page

~ The Haunted Horizons Team
Haunted Horizons… staying strong, staying passionate and still bringing you what you love most!

“I love being a patron member! Not only is it a tight little community it’s like a family. I absolutely love the atmosphere and the vibes everyone gives out! It’s such a interesting and amazing experience every tour and live! Everyone makes you feel so welcome! It’s over all just amazing!”

Tamika Jade Cato

“After being on numerous tours and seeing how each guide respected the venues and the spirits that may be in them, How the investigations were handled with Consideration, Kindness and Respect. I had to see more. Especially with the Overseas investigations. Being included with the live feeds and being able to go through the footage of past investigations and being included on the analysis of that footage. That is worth more than the cost of membership”

Rosemary Coates



‘Keeping our Spirits Up!’

Like any small family tourism business in this troubled time, we need to make sure that we are still standing when the dust settles.  We really don’t want to see 10 years of hard work, passion, and dedication disappear before the end.  We are in a fairly secure position but unlike tourism and our guests who have gone, our bills/costs do not go away and that will erode any small business’s survival chances.

If ever we needed your support it would be now and what better time, to stay at home and still get your paranormal fix with our Haunted Horizons live paranormal investigations!

Although our tours will run for as long as they can, we realise people are nervous and feel safer staying at home.  What better way to get your paranormal fix then watching a live paranormal investigation, whether free or subscription.  Although at this stage we can’t travel around the world (trips to UK and USA are postponed only NOT cancelled), we will be going down to our own venues on a regular basis and conducting live paranormal investigations from them for you all.

For upcoming dates, times and chat go to our Facebook Event page

We thank you for all your support over the years, and hope you will continue that support whether just by watching us and keeping our own spirits up, or by subscrbing.

Here’s to 2021!!

Join us on our Patreon Subscription Page

“I Love being a Patreon member. It allows you all the little extras others don’t see and get to be involved in as well as supports a small business and amazing people. Highly Recommend.”

Mel Salter

“I like how we get the personal touch, and content we receive that is not seen elsewhere. We all seem to get along together and share good ideas about locations/paranormal and people to see. Its great!.”

Mason Sullivan

Book with the local operator you can trust. Haunted Horizons™, has been named best Tour Operator in the South Australian Tourism Awards 2015 and 2016. You will also be booking with professional paranormal investigators (PFI) who’ve been operating more than 15 years.

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