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SA Life Tailem Town Ghost Tours

SA Life Tailem Town Ghost Tours

SA Life covered a story on Adelaide Haunted Horizons ghost tours at Old Tailem Town near Tailem Bend.  An enjoyable experience for Alison Oborn and her guests.

It also gives you a great insight into this unique village… after dark!  Although, SA Life gave it a light-hearted look as it is a family show, the village has many chilling surprises not talked about here.  Don’t forget to book onto one of our tours to discover what really happens at Old Tailem Town at night… if you are brave enough!


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Ghosts Are Near television appearance

Ghosts Are Near television appearance

I was lucky enough to be invited to the U.S.A. to appear on the ‘Ghosts R N.E.A.R.’ television show by the hosts Keith and Sandra Johnson (from the first 2 seasons of Ghost Hunters).

In the interview, I get to discuss my time as the co-founder of Paranormal Field Investigators, and the 10 years we spent as the official investigators of the Old Adelaide Gaol.  It was 2 years after this that I went on to create Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, where we get to share that experience with you on ghost tours and paranormal investigations of the Old Adelaide Gaol.

If any of you have wondered where my passion began, I also chat about my beginnings and early ghostly memories and experiences in the haunted house where I was born.

It was a wonderful trip, where I met and made a lot of new friends with the guys that help out on ‘Ghosts R N.E.A.R.’.  It is certainly where I fell in love with the U.S.A.  Even better it led to an investigation at Slater Mill, which again I won’t forget in a hurry.  More on that investigation later.

Note: I know I got the Gaol closure date wrong…. what can I say… I was jetlagged after being picked up from an international flight/several internal flights, only 2 hrs earlier!

Since this time, I have been back several times to the U.S.A. and investigated many places.  We are looking forward to returning in 2019.

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Haunted church at Old Tailem Town, Tailem Bend

Haunted church at Old Tailem Town, Tailem Bend

An old church in a tourist village at Tailem Bend, sits in what is reportedly the most haunted town in South Australia.

Channel 9 news approached us a couple of years ago to inquire about video footage we maybe able to supply for a story about the ghosts in the village.  We held back with the good stuff, as we like to keep this as a treat for the tours, but what we did provide was still dramatic and curious.

Tailem Town has long been growing it’s reputation for being the most haunted town in South Australia.  People for many years have been experiencing everything from gentle touching through to choking sensations.  It is not unusual for people to collapse or trance out.  In fact if you book onto one our paranormal investigations, you will see a 20 minute video presentation when this has happened – including a lady who’s face appears to transform into a 6 year old childs face – she looks like a child, talks like a child but remembers nothing of it.  This led us to the death of a child related to the property!

Tailem Town Ghost Tours have become one of the most popular ghost tours in South Australia, as word gets around about the happenings there.  Come and check it out for yourself!

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This report, from Channel Nine.

Paranormal Field Investigators in Adelaide Gaol on Stateline

Paranormal Field Investigators in Adelaide Gaol on Stateline

In 2005 Stateline asked to do some filming with Paranormal Field Investigators (P.F.I.), now Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, about the work we had been doing for years at the Old Adelaide Gaol. There were many years of investigation work after this show went to air. Although P.F.I. evolved and changed over the years, it still shows how interesting, from a paranormal aspect, that the Old Adelaide Gaol really is. Please note that P.F.I.’s thinking on orbs and our use of equipment has changed dramatically over the years so please don’t think this is representative of what and how we do things now. 🙂

This story came about after Stateline covered a ghost story about the Art Gallery.  We were supposed to go in and investigate, but after the first story went to air, and the Gallery was inundated with requests, they decided to take a lower profile when it came to the ghosts.  Instead, Stateline decided to look into the Gaol.

Paranormal Field Investigators went on to become Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, and we continue to not only run our own public ghost tours and ghost hunts but also continue to research in the background.

Although Jeff Fausch left P.F.I. right back in 2006, Alison continued with P.F.I. as the official investigators at the gaol and have now been there for 16 years.  We now investigate other sites such as the Former Royal Adelaide Hospital, Z Ward Asylum, National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide, as well as investigating around the world at such places as Waverly Hills, Queen Mary and Bobby Mackay’s Music World among others.

Purchase the book ‘Ghosts of the Past’ by Alison Oborn, outlines the 10 years of research and beyond.

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Ghosts Stories from the Old Adelaide Gaol – PFI

Ghosts Stories from the Old Adelaide Gaol – PFI

Some years ago, the show ‘The Weekender’ came in from Channel 7 to cover some of the Adelaide Gaol Ghost Stories for a Halloween Special.

Alison and Jeff from Paranormal Field Investigators had the pleasure of taking the tour for them that night.  However, they experienced more than they imagined they would and went home with some gaol ghost stories of their own!

So, what did happen… well, what didn’t appear on the finished product was the trouble that Channel 7 was having with their big expensive cameras.

When they took them into one of the induction Centre, the camera failed… when they brought it out the camera started working again.

It did this more than once and the story even hit the Advertiser newspaper here.

What we didn’t tell them was that the building is well known for equipment malfunctions and drainage of battery power.

Learn more about our Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tours or Book Now and maybe you can take home some gaol ghost stories of your own!

Although Jeff Fausch left Paranormal Field Investigators soon after this, Alison Oborn went on to lead PFI, the official investigators of the Gaol for many more years.  She details their time there in her book ‘Ghosts of the Past’.

Paranormal Field Investigators, was incorporated into Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons in 2010.


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