Sampson Flat Bushfire Book

Samson Flat Bushfire book by Alison Oborn


The Sampson Flat Bushfire Book is a Haunting Reminder Of Mother Nature’s Awesome Power

The Book looks at the fire that devastated South Australia and the ramifications that are still being felt today. Bushfires have very much become a feared topic in our great State and it is important for the stories of those closest to the disaster to be told.

With the “Sampson Flat Bushfire Book” we aim to tell those stories in a graphically striking way with some of the most amazing photography you will encounter. 25 photographers have donated their time and art form to bring you some of the most visually stunning images of the bushfire, accompanied by heart-wrenching comments from those directly affected.

The book has been compiled by Alison Oborn and designed by Cultivate Design with only limited numbers available. It serves as a testament to those resilient people affected by the fire, and is dedication to those heroes that saved property and more importantly… lives. All proceeds raised will be donated to help fund the enormous efforts of the Country Fire Service.

As many are aware, earlier in the year, Alison Oborn, the owner of Haunted Horizons™ was greatly affected by the Sampson Flat Bushfires. For 3 days it was a roller coaster ride of emotion and fear before finally, her home had the dubious honour of having the northern front of the fire, stopped 20m from her doorstep. If it hadn’t been for the wonderful CFS and those amazing pilots… she would probably, like many others, have lost her home. Even more amazingly, despite the intensity of the fire and the distance it spread… not one life was lost!

These amazing people in the CFS, put their lives on the line for us, as volunteers, with no pay. We can only imagine the horrors that they see.

The Sampson Flat Bushfire Book book, came from a strong need to thank them in some way. Others quickly came on board to make it a reality. Now it is here. This pictorial record is a dedication to our heroes in the CFS and to what was, a very stressful time for many.

Samson Flat Bushfire book by Alison Oborn

If you are looking for a gift, then order this book and in the process know that you are helping a great cause.

100% of ALL proceeds go to the CFS Foundation so that we can help those, that help us, in THEIR time of need.

Limited copies available… once gone no more will be printed!

At present these are in print and will be ready for posting or pick-up very soon. Make sure you secure your copy NOW! Once gone, they are gone for good.

Cover - Samson Flat Bushfire book by Alison Oborn

Cost $25 pick up and $32 (including postage – within Australia only)

$32 which includes postage (Within Australia only)

$25 for collecting personally while on a tour

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