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Ghosts of the Past - Adelaide Gaol Ghost Stories


Ghosts of the Past was written by Alison Oborn to highlight and share with you the Adelaide Gaol Ghosts and her years of investigating there.

“I felt uneasy and a mysterious chill kept blowing back and forth until it stopped right in front of me.  I was then touched on the back twice but there was nobody behind me.  I then felt as if I couldn’t move before I was pushed up against the wall!” ~ Constance (Ghost Tour)

There is one thing that sets the Old Adelaide Gaol apart from the many haunted venues around the world – the range of paranormal phenomena reported from inside her walls. Encounters here are often frequent, sometimes bone-chilling and always challenging for those who choose to visit.

Enter Alison Oborn, co-founder of the Gaol’s official paranormal investigation team for over a decade, Paranormal Field Investigators. Alison and her team use a scientific approach in their investigations and they will often challenge themselves when things happen … and critically examine the evidence.

But then … there are things Alison has never been able to explain. Things that unsettle even the most seasoned ghost hunter!

Ghosts of the Past is the book about those incidents.

Old Adelaide Gaol Ghost Hunt

Alison Oborn is an Adelaide Hills based researcher that has been looking into paranormal activity for over 35 years.  In 2002, Alison helped to form her own team, Paranormal Field Investigators, a small but dedicated research team designed to look into the subject of the paranormal in a rational and technical manner.

In 2002 P.F.I. were lucky enough to be invited into the Adelaide Gaol to see if rumours of hauntings there could be verified.  She quickly became a volunteer tour guide at the Adelaide Gaol, which has long been associated with anecdotal accounts of unexplained events.

She is still there more than 22 years later running tours and investigations with Haunted Horizons

Ghosts of the Past is a captivating read!

In late 2010, Alison released this book recounting her team members and her own experiences in the Adelaide Gaol, both as ghost tour guides and as objective researchers.

Alison is a serious researcher who will always try to seek explanations for the phenomena she encounters with common sense and scientific methodology.  As Ghosts of the Past highlights though, there have been many happenings which defy simple explanation.

‘Ghosts of the Past’ was not intended to be a methodical ‘how to’ book, instead, it hopefully takes the reader on an adventure of discovery.  It is about storytelling…. although all the stories that are told are true and were very real to the people experiencing them at the time.

At the end of the day, the author allows the reader to make of these stories what they will.

Ghosts of the Past by Alison Oborn

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