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Here is a selection of Haunted Horizons Blog articles written by Alison Oborn, other Adelaide Haunted Horizons team members, and the occasional guest writer. We hope you enjoy them and that they give you extra insight into the world of the paranormal, dark history and the experiences we create for you.

Haunted Leap Castle – Ghost Hunt

HAUNTED LEAP CASTLE: BRIEF HISTORY Leap Castle, said to be one of the longest continually inhabited Castles in Ireland is located in Coolderry, County Offaly. Some report it to have been built around 1250 CE.  Other reports state it possibly was built in the 15th...

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Haunted Ragged School Museum, London – Ghost Hunt

THE HAUNTED RAGGED SCHOOL MUSEUM BRIEF HISTORY The haunted Ragged School Museum sits in the heart of the East End of London.  Ragged Schools, or Free Schools, were charitable institutions which gave children of poverty-stricken families the opportunity for basic...

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Haunted Adelaide Arcade – Murder, Tragedy & Ghosts!

Welcome to the Haunted Adelaide Arcade on Rundle Mall "I am sorry, I don't believe in such things.  But I can tell you now the Adelaide Arcade is haunted..." ~ Paul, who worked in the Adelaide Arcade at night At Haunted Horizons we are very lucky to be able to carry...

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Chillingham Castle

HAUNTED CHILLINGHAM CASTLE GHOSTS   Paranormal Investigation in search of the Chillingham Castle Ghosts In 2016 we were lucky enough to travel to Chillingham Castle.  Having seen it on numerous documentaries and TV Ghost Hunting Shows we were intrigued to see...

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Why Do Ghosts Scare Us

WHY DO GHOSTS SCARE US? "Why do ghosts scare us with such mundane behaviour? When we die, do we have nothing better to do than touch hair, rattle teacups and slam doors?" In my 30 years of researching and conducting tours, this would be one of the most commonly asked...

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WHAT IS KARMA? “You harm yourself, as dust thrown against the wind comes back to the thrower” ~ Buddha on Karma I often see posts on social media regarding ‘Karma’, a word which seems to have become more and more popular of late.  “Karma will get them!” is a saying...

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Bizarre Halloween Customs

BIZARRE HALLOWEEN CUSTOMS Welcome to Halloween! Goblins, ghouls and ghostly experiences are abound… and that is just with the Halloween trick and treaters'. As I prepare to conduct our own spooky Halloween event, I thought I would look at some of the quainter customs...

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An Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story

My Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story - By Nicolas Bishop "Real History. Real Frights - Our guide, Alison Oborn gave us an experience that I have not encountered on any other tour!  This is my Adelaide Gaol Ghost Story. The tour starts with a walk around the entire gaol....

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Z Ward Asylum and its History

Being asked to service the night tours and investigations at Z Ward asylum by the National Trust, was a huge honour and one that we were excited to undertake.   It also meant that my passion for history and heritage and my desire to help preserve it for future...

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Alison Oborn is the Spectre Inspector

Here is the article which was published in AdelaideNow by Noel Probert in SA Weekend. SHADOWY apparitions, disembodied voices and doors that slam of their own accord – these have been staples of campfire stories and scary movies for generations, but for Alison Oborn,...

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SA Life Tailem Town Ghost Tours

SA Life covered a story on Adelaide Haunted Horizons ghost tours at Old Tailem Town near Tailem Bend.  An enjoyable experience for Alison Oborn and her guests. It also gives you a great insight into this unique village... after dark!  Although, SA Life gave it a...

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Martindale Hall – History and Ghosts

Paranormal Field Investigators and Adelaide's Haunted Horizons had the pleasure of meeting and working with APPI - Australian Paranormal Phenomenon Investigators, who run investigations and tours in Sydney. We all came together with Ashley Hall from the Paranormal...

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Ghosts Are Near television appearance

I was lucky enough to be invited to the U.S.A. to appear on the 'Ghosts R N.E.A.R.' television show by the hosts Keith and Sandra Johnson (from the first 2 seasons of Ghost Hunters). In the interview, I get to discuss my time as the co-founder of Paranormal Field...

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A figure without features

A FIGURE WITHOUT FEATURES - A CHILLING TAILEM TOWN GHOST STORY By Alison Oborn Alison has been running tours at Old Tailem Town since 2010, having previously done tours at the Adelaide Gaol for many years. The Gaol is a paranormal hotspot... but Tailem Town is in...

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Haunted church at Old Tailem Town, Tailem Bend

An old church in a tourist village at Tailem Bend, sits in what is reportedly the most haunted town in South Australia. Channel 9 news approached us a couple of years ago to inquire about video footage we maybe able to supply for a story about the ghosts in the...

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Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours – Outtakes 2012

HH OUTTAKES 2012 As Haunted Horizons Tours have grown over the past year, so has the fun, especially behind the scenes. We thought we would celebrate the year of 2012 by taking a glimpse of this. Hopefully it shows how special our guides are and how their sense of fun...

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Ghosts come out for history month in Gawler

All her life, SA's foremost paranormal investigator, Alison Oborn, has been seeking out some of the State's most haunted locations and has turned her sights to Gawler. Here is the Messenger Newspaper article. GAWLER GHOSTS COME OUT FOR HISTORY MONTH Tues, May 1, 2012...

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Haunted Horizons Ghost Tour – A Bit of Staff Fun

What makes Haunted Horizons a little different? A bit of staff fun! The fact that the staff have a sense of fun and take life a little less seriously then most. Here are a couple of behind the scene moments whilst waiting for a tour to arrive. Otherwise known as "the...

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Sharing Gawler’s stories

This is an archived copy of The Bunyip 'Sharing Gawler Ghosts' story by Ellouise Goodwin, published on July 13, 2011. It was the story of Adelaide Haunted Horizons' imminent launch of our Gawler Dark History and Ghost Tours. "Paranormal Investigator, Alison Oborn ,...

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Sixth Sense, Sunday Mail story by Liz Walsh

SIXTH SENSE - SUNDAY MAIL Liz Walsh, 11th July 2010, Sunday Mail "There she is, standing on the side of Anzac Highway covered in blood and desperately seeking help.  It looks like she has been in a car accident, but there is no wreck nearby.  The young woman is...

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Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour – Halloween Special

This Adelaide Gaol Halloween tour was our launch tour at the Old Adelaide Gaol and we were pretty excited to get going.  After the obligatory dressing up... yes back into my much-loved Zombie gear and makeup.... we waited for our tour to arrive. We didn't have to wait...

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Adelaide Arcade Ghost – That’s Life Magazine Article

Adelaide Arcade Ghost Story by Alison Oborn which was featured in That's Life Magazine. "It was about 10 p.m. as we shuffled into the dark storeroom.  My friend Brad and I were filming a video about the Old Adelaide Arcade. Built in 1885, it was thought to be haunted,...

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The Grand Central Hotel

The Grand Central Hotel: Its beginnings As people stand in line at Hungry Jacks waiting for their burger or as they lock their cars just having parked in the multi-storey carpark above, they would probably be surprised to learn of what stood there before, as prior to...

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Haunted Church in Tailem Town Turns Sceptic into Believer

Old Tailem Town has a rather intriguing building - what appears to be a haunted church!  Over time we have had many people trancing out, still awake but remembering nothing.  We have had the sighting of a dark shadow figure with many feeling his touch. On one of our...

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My Halloween Experience

  By Shane Potter - 27th Oct 2012 - My Halloween Experience Well, it was a bit of an on again off again effort but I decided last minute to attend the Halloween tour at old Tailem Town run by Alison Oborn and the team at Adelaide Haunted Horizons. Unfortunately,...

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The Blood Moon Eclipse

BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE NIGHT - PART 1 - 10th Dec 2011 By Mike Metcalfe We like to encourage our guests to write their own experiences up rather then us do it for them.  That way you get to see it from their perspective.  We will be adding a couple more from this Blood...

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Creepy Experience at Old Tailem Town, Tailem Bend

My Creepy Ghost Experience at Old Tailem Town by Deanna Turner-Reid During our visit to Tailem Town on Saturday night (hosted by the fabulous team from Adelaide's Haunted Horizons) my partner and I split from the main group and went with Anna to start investigating...

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Ghosts Stories from the Old Adelaide Gaol – PFI

Some years ago, the show 'The Weekender' came in from Channel 7 to cover some of the Adelaide Gaol Ghost Stories for a Halloween Special. Alison and Jeff from Paranormal Field Investigators had the pleasure of taking the tour for them that night.  However, they...

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Contributing Authors

Alison Oborn,
This Adelaide Author and award-winning tour operator is also a history & heritage enthusiast. She has been a volunteer guide, Information Officer and Researcher at the Adelaide Gaol since 2002.

Alison also loves a good mystery, and authored her book ‘Ghosts of the Past’ on the 10 years of paranormal research that she and her team, Paranormal Field Investigators conducted at the Adelaide Gaol.

She also runs Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons, which operates Ghost Tours and Dark History Tours in the Adelaide Gaol, at Z Ward, National Railway Museum, Tailem Town, Adelaide Arcade, Moonta and Burra.


Kag Allwood - Blogger Haunted Horizons

Kag Allwood: The paranormal has always been a life-long interest of hers, but not something she ever thought of taking up seriously. She now works for Adelaide Haunted Horizons as part of the Management Team. Kag is also a lead guide, event organiser, as well as researches and writes her own tours.

She is an experienced, active paranormal investigator and have investigated numerous known haunted locations throughout the world.

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