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Adelaide Gaol Darkside Tour

Adelaide Gaol Murder Madness Tour - History of Executions and Executed in Adelaide Gaol

Adelaide Gaol Darkside Tour: If only these walls could talk …. well, maybe they can!

Come on the Adelaide Gaol Darkside Tour with the multi-award winning Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons… we are not just about the ghosts!

Not excited by history?
Old buildings don’t amaze you?
What happened behind the doors of a working Gaol doesn’t intrigue you?

Well, you haven’t been to the Old Adelaide Gaol with Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons!

Join the most experienced and highly awarded tour operator at the Gaol for an exposé of the Old Girl.

Let us breathe fire into this amazing site and bring it alive for you.

How to book your tour

  1. Press ‘Book Now’ below for dates.
  2. To pay, simply press ‘book now’
  3. Choose number of tickets
  4. Choose pay by Credit Card or Paypal
  5. Any problems then contact us.

No tickets will be sent. Print out the email/payment details and bring with you. Please read our terms and conditions before booking your tour. We will assume you have read and agreed to these when you book. Haunted Horizons has a ‘no refund’ policy. Please remember to double check dates and times by pressing our ‘Book Now’ button.

The stories behind Adelaide Gaol Darkside Tour

Share our passion for the Adelaide Gaol and indulge in some of the stories that will captivate and move you to wonder, why such a brutal facility existed.

And whilst your Guide will be wonderfully experienced, we encourage you to stump them with questions like:

  • Who was South Australia’s first serial killer?
  • How many hangings went very wrong?
  • Did innocent men go to the gallows?
  • And if you’re lucky, and your Guide is in a good mood, you might even hear a ghost story thrown in for good measure.

For Adelaide Gaol Tours, insist on the tour operator with greatest experience and the richest research to enhance your tour at the Adelaide Gaol.

Gaol Darkside Tour – Let us put the Faces To the Gaol

Help us trace the footsteps of a number of inmates who made that fateful journey to the gallows.

The Adelaide Gaol witnessed 45 executions during its history and some of her inmates had rather unusual stories to tell.

One common misconception (thanks to television) is the time taken from pronouncing sentence to the day of execution.

‘Death row’ in South Australia was experienced in most cases for no more than 28 days. Not long to make peace with your maker …

Our history guides have unparalleled experience with the Adelaide Gaol and its occupants over the years.

But don’t let them tell you the same stories they tell everyone – ask them about the following:

  • How true is the rumour that one or two executions did not go according to plan?
  • Just what happened at the Gaol whilst condemned prisoners awaited execution?
  • Why did so many judges enforce the death penalty when the juries asked for mercy?

For those who suffered the extreme penalty of the law … let us share their stories …

Tour details

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: – $38 Adult

Age: Please note this is not suitable for young children due to content.

These are specials, so check for dates by pressing the ‘book now’ button at the top of the page.

Great for group bookings and can be organised for day or night.

For more information on the 2hr ghost tours click Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tours

Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons reserves the right to cancel an event should numbers not be reached or if property owners decide to use locations for their own events.  If this happens money will be refunded in full or another date offered.

Please note, although the stories that are told are real,  Haunted Horizon’s™ naturally can NOT promise you a ghost on the night, we can however ensure you have an enjoyable and fun night.  For this reason these tours and workshops should be viewed as entertainment only.

Book now for Adelaide Gaol Murder and Madness History Tour - Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Book with the local operator you can trust. Haunted Horizons™, has been named best Tour Operator in the South Australian Tourism Awards 2015 and 2016. You will also be booking with professional guides, most of who have been operating more than 15years at the Gaol.  They know her history… and her ghosts!.

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