Welcome to Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours

Adelaide's Multi-Award winning Ghost and Dark History Tours

The spookiest, scariest and most ‘real’ experience you’re likely to find in S.A.

Adelaide's Multi-Award winning Ghost and Dark History Tours

The spookiest, scariest and most ‘real’ experience you’re likely to find in S.A.

Adelaide's Multi-Award Winning Ghost and Dark History Tours

The spookiest, scariest and most ‘real’ experience you’re likely to find in S.A.
The best tours at the best locations in and around Adelaide!


Why Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours?  With our ghost tours owned and run by Adelaide author, lecturer, radio personality and long time paranormal researcher (since 1987), Alison Oborn, you know you can be assured a very scary but fun night, where we proudly keep it all very REAL!

Adelaide Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours: No gimmicks, no dress-ups and no dramatics… just personal experiences and real life ghostly encounters. Our guests are always left without a doubt… if anything happens… it definitely isn’t us!


  • We are the original, and biggest provider of quality ghost tours in S.A… specialising in tours of the darker and spookier kind!
  • Over 27 years of paranormal research under our belts (1989), including 10 years as official investigators at the Adelaide Gaol.
  • No other group can match our 5-6 Paranormal Investigations a week – this makes our professional guides some of the most experienced in the country.
  • We have exclusive access to some of S.A.’s most haunted locations. Our reputation of keeping things professional, non-sensational and very real, means our stable is ever growing.
  • You get to try out up-to-date, state of the art equipment, including SLS cameras, thermal, EDI’s, Rempods, and much more.
  • Being winners in the 2015 and 2016 S.A. Tourism Awards, and named ‘Best Tour Operator in S.A.’… you are assured an exceptional night out.
  • Although we try to keep our costs as low as we can, we do not give budget tours – quality costs money to achieve, and we believe our customers appreciate this more.
  • Best of all… for each ticket sold we donate part of that ticket price to beyondblue, who we are proudly supporting.

It was an amazing yet creepy experience at z ward Totally worth every cent Definitely going back if I get a chance Such a professional atmosphere


We had a fantastic night investigating Old Tailem Town with Alison! Our group ended up being the only group investigating so we had the town to ourselves!!! Thank you for a great night Alison and I'm already looking forward to my next one 🙂


Have used the opposition tour company for the Port Adel and Kapunda ghost tours. We found Haunted Horizons a lot more professional. Craig was our guide. He was informative, honest and well spoken ... just booked Z ward tour for 2 weeks time


My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Alison was engaging, knowledgeable and sensitive to the people who once spent time within those walls. Far from a "sensationalised" spook tour, I came away with a deepened knowledge of the history and a desire to learn more.



Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour

Adelaide Gaol

Tour the inside of Adelaide Gaol.

Tailem Town ghost tour

Old Tailem Town

Visit the most haunted town around.

Adelaide Arcade Ghost Tour

Adelaide Arcade

Take a ghost tour in Australia's oldest arcade.

Z Ward Ghost tours

Z Ward Asylum

Fancy a ghost tour in an asylum?

Railway museum ghost tour

Railway Museum

All aboard the railway museum ghost tour.


Adelaide Gaol Ghost Hunt

Adelaide Gaol

Hunt for ghosts within Adelaide Gaol.

Railway museum ghost tour

Railway Museum

Are there ghosts on these trains? Find out for yourself.

Adelaide Arcade Ghost Hunt

Adelaide Arcade

Search for ghosts in Australia's oldest arcade.

Torrens Island Ghost Hunt

Torrens Island

Meet the ghosts on Torrens Island's Quarantine Station.

Tailem Town Ghost Hunt

Old Tailem Town

Walk these colonial streets with ghosts.

Boo! Can you find the ghosts in the asylum? Adelaide Haunted Horizons Z Ward Ghost Hunt

Z Ward

Can you find the ghosts in the asylum?


Adelaide Gaol Murder & Madness Tour. Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Adelaide Gaol the Dark Side Tour

Help us trace the footsteps of a number of inmates who had a fateful journey to the gallows.

Z Ward Murder & Madness Tour. Adelaide Haunted Horizons.

Z Ward Murder & Madness Tour

Meet some of the ‘criminally insane’ murderers who found themselves locked in Z Ward.

Adelaide dark history & crime tour. Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Adelaide Dark History & Crime Tour

Murder, mystery and suicide,  Adelaide has certainly had more then it’s fair share over the years.

Gawler dark history & ghost tour. Adelaide Haunted Horizons.

Gawler Dark History & Ghost Tour

Gawler has a rich but darker history. Visit 471 people  that were buried, many children, in a place you'd least expect.

Glenelg Dark History & Crime Tour

Glenelg Dark History & Crime Tour

Let us walk you through ‘The Dark Side’ of this beach resort and reveal some interesting and, at times, grizzly tales of times gone by...


Burra All Night Paranormal Investigation. Adelaide Haunted Horizons.

Burra All-Night Paranormal Investigation

Visit Burra's past where shadow figures, the feeling of something unseen close by and weird responses from the equipment are just some of the happenings we've experienced.

Moonta All Night Paranormal Investigation. Adelaide Haunted Horizons.

Moonta All-Night Paranormal Investigation

Visit Moonta's past where shadowy figures and the disembodied voices of children are among the phenomena experienced by previous participants in our paranormal investigations.

Winners in the South Australian Tourism Awards – Hall of Fame

Multi-Award Winning Adelaide Ghost Tours - Hall of Fame


“I absolutely loved your ghost tour on Sunday night. I’ve done them before in Edinburgh, San Francisco, Savannah, Adelaide Gaol, and now Old Tailem Town and I found yours to be the most exciting and interesting of the lot.”
Paul Wood, The Paul Wood Book

Paul Bradford from ‘Ghost Hunters International’

Ben Hansen – SYFY Channel’s ‘Fact Or Fake’

Brian J. Cano -SyFy Channel, ‘Haunted Collector’


Aradale Ghost Tours

Aradale Ghost Tours


Well now is your chance to go into the running for a free double pass to either a 4hr Ghost Hunt or a 2hr Ghost Tour at one of the biggest asylums in the country.

What do you have to do?

Well it is easy… from now until Christmas, for every person that books a Haunted Horizons Ghost Hunt or Ghost Tour, their name will automatically go into the draw. Easy… just come along and prepare to be scared… and you could be heading off to Ararat to be scared there too!

This will be drawn on Christmas Eve and winners announced.

Proudly supporting

Proudly supporting Beyond Blue

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