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Old Tailem Town History

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The Largest Pioneer Village in Australia!


Old Tailem Town was first established in 1982 and has quickly grown to be the largest of it's kind in Australia.  With over 110 buildings set out on 12 streets it certainly gives you a feel for what life must have been like for the early pioneers who settled here back in the 1800's.  Life was certainly not easy and, children visiting today can only wonder at how their counterparts in the early days coped with such a basic life!

Each building has been carefully transported from it's original location and rebuilt in the Village, whilst painstakingly keeping the same appearance of what they were before their relocation.  The majority of these buildings date back over 100 years and are filled with genuine artifacts that depict and give the feel of life a century ago.

The oldest building is the old ticketing office from the first exhibition grounds in Adelaide which dates from 1870 followed closely in age by the school that dates from 1881.


But what of the ghost stories told from this old village?  Well, with so many old buildings and artifacts, some of which date back over 100 years, it would not be a surprise to hear reports of ghostly happenings in the town.  A lot of these stories centre around the old church where music has been heard, figures seen and strange photographs captured.   

But the stories don't just stop with the church... learn about the Hotel that was made out of a house... a house who's owner despised such places and the alcohol associated with them!

Hear of the gentleman, who used to be very nuch attached to the old train station and painstakingly kept it in order.  He was not so happy when it moved location.

Who could the dark ghostly figure who wanders the village be?  Whoever it is, he seems able to be physical - several people who have left the church in tears will attest to this!

There are many characters to be spoken of, all of who were real and who lived and died within the walls of some of these dwellings and a couple who may remain there still.


We run both Ghost Tours and Investigation Tours at Tailem Town Pioneer Village.  

Come and learn about the history, the characters and maybe feel what it is like to investigate this site for yourself!

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