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Old Tailem Town Ghost Tour - November

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End of November

This tour was great fun right from the start.  We had 7 lovely ladies from our local village, who had decided to join us as their Christmas treat.  

The night started in the Riverside Hotel which, as usual, didn't disappoint and is definitely one of the few places in Tailem Bend that does really great food.  After a spot of socialising and allowing them to commune with spirits of a different type for a while, we moved to the village to commence the tour.

As we wandered around the darkened streets of the village there certainly was a lot of fun going on, but very little happening in the way of paranormal activity.  However, things were about to change once we got to the Wolseley Church.  Now... there's a surprise!

Once in the Church, the people settled in their seats and I started to give the stories.  It was part way through, that suddenly one of the girls leapt up and changed seats.  I have had this happen several times on other tours too.  I naturally stopped story telling and asked her what was wrong.

"I suddenly felt like I was sitting in somebody's seat!" she stated.

Several of the ladies quickly got up to sit on the same seat, most moving quickly as they said it felt frigid and they felt tingly.  It was a few moments later that the floor seemed to start vibrating.  Michael, my husband, could also feel it, whereas I myself couldn't.

But it was once we went through the photographs the next morning that it became interesting.  My husband took many photos that night.  But when we were in the Handorf Cottage next door to the church, there appeared to be a couple of strange fuzzy shapes around one of the ladies.  With enlargement it appears not to be the usual 'orb' that debris and dust will normally cause.  This was not round and there seemed to be a tendril effect to it.

But it got more interesting in the church.  Michael took a photo of me on the stage telling the stories.  Just to the right of me there appears to be a faint distortion.  He moved to the front of the church with me to take a photo of the audience... just before the girl moved.  On the lady in front there seems to be a strange light effect around her... the same lady that had the strange thing in the photo in the Handorf Cottage.
The following are the shots that were taken that were of interest:

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