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Check out What we may Have Found or Experienced on YOUR Tour!

We decided we would start up this new page as it seems like a good way of sharing any information with, not only the public who are interested, but also you... the people who were there on the night.  

If we get anything of interest, we will list it here for you.  Just look for the date below of your tour.  If you get anything significant or want to write up your experience of the night, please send it to my email address  and we can include it here.

PLEASE NOTE:  What is put here is NOT being put forward as hard evidence that the paranormal exists.  This was not done under heavy research conditions, although precautions were taken to reduce tainting of anything captured.  Adelaide's Haunted Horizons is not about scientifically researching.  H.H. was set up so people can let their hair down and have fun finding out for themselves what it is like to be on the hunt!  For this reason we get to play with all those gimmicks and toys that cannot be seen in the field as credible, such as the Ghost Box and dowsing rods.  Anything from these that we capture will be put here also, as a curiosity ONLY!

If you want the more serious side of the research, then please visit


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