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Burra Ghost Tours - Redruth Gaol



Burra is a historical township, which was founded in 1845, after the discovery of copper in the area.  It was this discovery of copper, both here and in Kapunda, that saved the new colony in South Australia from bankruptcy.

Several townships were set up in the area populated by largely the Cornish, English and Welsh.  However, housing was short for the growing population of nearly 5,000 people, due to lack of materials so many of the miners and their families lived in dug-outs.  These dug-outs stretched for 3kms along the Burra Burra Creek and were known as Creek Street.  Eventually this method of living was abandoned due to the large amount of disease and flooding that occurred.

Instead separate villages were set up including Redruth for the Cornish, Hampton for the English and Aberdeen for the Scots.  Each village had it's own facilities and shops.
It was in Redruth that the first Gaol outside of Adelaide was built.  It was originally built for lawbreakers, as the transportation of prisoners to Adelaide was getting too expensive.  Eventually though, it was shut down and made into a girl's reformatory.

Most of these towns still exist and are collectively known as Burra, however the township of Hampton is now only ruins after the last family left in the 1960's.

Ghost Hunt

Our overnight investigation in Burra has always been one of our more popular all-night ghost hunts. Now that the weather has warmed a little, join us to find out why Burra attracts so many paranormal enthusiasts.

Venture into such intriguing places as Redruth Gaol (SA’s first gaol outside of Adelaide), the Miners’ dugouts, Bon Accord Cottage and the police lockup. Learn about what has happened to some previous guests (and ask your guide why those previous guests won’t return …).

Most importantly, you get to investigate in a small team led by a trained, experienced paranormal investigator. Explore this amazing town with South Australia’s original and only multi-award-winning ghost tour operator who guarantees you an experience that you won’t easily forget.

This is an all-night Investigation which takes you to several historic sites around Burra. including Redruth Gaol, The Police Lock-ups and the Dug-outs.

More Information

8.30 p.m. until 3.30 a.m next morning
Cost $
175.00 pp with accommodation
Cost $125.00 pp without accommodation (Inc 10% G.S.T.)
Age 1
These are specials so please check with us for the next date. (these do not run in the colder weather)


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