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76 Lipson St, Port Adelaide

The creepiest and, by far scariest, Ghost Tour in Port Adelaide!

Why would a Railway Museum be haunted?  Maybe, it is due to the location and the 21 deaths that occurred there.

Built in 1856, the Port Dock Railway Station operated until 1981. When it finally closed it's doors, it made way for the present Police Headquarters and the National Railway Museum.  Although SAPOL now operate on where the 'public part' of the station once stood, the museum  resides on what was once the 'working part'.  Due to it being a working station for so many years, tragedies were bound to occur, and they did.  From murder to accident, including a teenager who in the 1800's, lost his life when helping to shunt carts but who got trapped between the buffers. There are many sad tales to tell, so no wonder strange activity is frequently reported by the people who work and volunteer at the museum. Now our guests are adding to those experiences.

Is the National Railway Museum Haunted?

Why would a train museum be haunted and what ghost stories would there be to tell?  Well how about these for starters:

  •    1. A dark shadowy figure seen regularly at the Museum.

  •    2. At least 21 reported deaths at the station and goods yard.

  •    3. Investigate the train involved in Australia's first terrorism act where 2 were shot dead

  •    4. The area that drops in temperature and feels decidedly unfriendly.

  •    5. Objects moving and phones that ring when not plugged in.

What People are Saying About the National Railway Museum Ghost Tour

"I was part of the tour at the National Railway Museum on the 31/08/14. I was in the team that headed out with ash and we had a great time, we all enjoyed the tour and our experiences we encountered on the night. All of us in Ashe,s group would like to thank him for a great night would not hesitate to recommend the tour to all our friends and family. Looking forward to more tours with Adelaide's Haunted Horizons." - Karen Steer, Adelaide

More Information:

Duration of tour - 2hrs
Cost - $38
Tours run most Fridays
7.30 p.m. winter start.  
Please note that Ghost Tours are not recommended for children under 15.

The National Railway Museum Ghost Tour can be found at 76 Lipson St, Port Adelaide.

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Please read our terms & conditions before booking your tour.  We will assume you have read and agreed to these, when you book.

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National Railway Museum Ghosts


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